sunday column the coming crisis

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Coming Crisis

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 13th February 2022 We are told to brace ourselves, to prepare for the worst.  We are apparently facing one of the worst cost-of-living emergencies for decades.  Inflation is at its highest rate for 30 years, but what is causing it and what can (and should) the government do about it? First... Read more

sunday column mainstream mob rule

SUNDAY COLUMN: Mainstream Mob Rule

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 6th February 2022 The law is supposed to do several things.  It is supposed to protect us physically, protect our property and protect our rights.  It is meant to bring justice and in a free society, it is supposed to be enforced without favour.  It is objective and nobody is above... Read more

sunday column we mustnt give up on democracy

SUNDAY COLUMN: We Mustn’t Give Up On Democracy

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 16th January 2022 Anyone who reads this column knows how many of our freedoms we have lost. Covid accelerated this loss, but didn’t create it, our liberties have been steadily reducing for some time. Under the Blair government for example, ‘hate speech’ became a reality. People can be prosecuted for expressing... Read more

sunday column one week on


Anne Marie Waters Sunday 5th December 2021 It’s been a week since our fourth national conference, and once again, I couldn’t be more proud.  It was a great success.  You can watch my follow-up livestream here. The speakers were amazing, the guests who sent us videos from around the world were amazing, everyone who know... Read more