Anne Marie Waters

Friday 1st July 2022

Last week I spoke to an American organisation about the state of migration to the UK and the response of the country to this.  I was asked for a written summary, and decided to publish that summary here.

Let’s start with the numbers, as best we can ascertain them.  According to Migration Watch, net migration to June 2020 was 247,000.  This means an extra 247,000 people in the country in a single year.  Since 2010, an extra 7 million people have registered for NHS care.  Between 2001 and 2016, more than a million people were added to the population every 3 years.  The projections for the future are that it will grow by 7.5 million in the next 20 years.  This will make the UK, already the most populated country in Europe, even more crowded.  The majority of this immigration is from outside of Europe, and much of it from third world or Islamic societies.

None of this takes in to account the huge increase in illegal immigration that we see year on year.  The government says it does not know how many illegal migrants are currently living in Britain; at least one million is the figure usually cited.  Migration Watch also claims that around 150,000 people enter illegally every year, and that almost 80% of Britons consider this a “serious problem”.  Between 60 and 80% believe that there is too much immigration. Despite this, the government continues to allow growing numbers to come here, daily, across the English channel.  The views of the native British people are being completely ignored.

Every day, boats arrive on the Kent coast.  The people on these boats are either picked up and brought to hotels or they are not seen by officials at all and simply disperse from the beaches (something I have personally witnessed).  Housing these illegal migrants is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds per day, all while British homeless people continue to sleep in shop doorways.

Now it seems the hotel rooms are running out and illegal immigrants will be housed in abandoned military facilities, such as an old barracks at Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire.  Linton is a town (or village) of around 700 people and its people are about to be outnumbered by African migrants to the tune of 2-1.  This small rural area is to receive 1,500 mostly African men.

We know from experience what this will mean.  Not only is the town destroyed forever, but these men will bring crime, disorder, and above all, rape.  Everyone knows it, including those who continue to advocate for it.  This comes as no surprise.  European women and girls have been subjected to the most horrific rapes in recent years, by Muslim and African immigrants, and yet the immigration continues.  There is, and will be, no punishment for these rapists and no justice for their victims.

People from Linton have tried to protest, but of course it is falling on deaf ears.  The militant anti-British, anti-white far-left has denounced all protestors as “racists”, “fascists”, or “Nazis” and have been supported in this by the press.  So powerful is this extreme faction that it feels no hesitation in intimidating and threatening people in full view of the police.

Our candidate in a recent by-election in Devon, Frankie Rufolo, was removed from the audience (he was not allowed to take part as a formal candidate) by security officials.  The press said nothing.  The press agrees that anyone who won’t sing the praises of mass migration should indeed be silenced.

The press also said nothing when a group of women led by Kellie-Jay Keen of the organisation Standing for Women attempted to gather in Bristol to protest against the destruction of women’s private spaces by self-defining “transwomen”.  Police looked on (and laughed) while these women were threatened and intimidated.  Such was the threat that left-wing thugs even followed the women to a pub afterwards and formed a mob outside making it dangerous for them to leave.  The police watched and did nothing.  You can see videos of this in my recent livestream here.

Britain can therefore no longer call itself a democracy, because in a democracy, an extreme faction of masked black-clad thugs do not receive the approval of the press and the police when they use violence and intimidation to silence their opponents.

When the government does appear to make a pathetic attempt to remove illegal immigrants – some of them dangerous criminals – it is stopped in its tracks.  Home Secretary Priti Patel made an arrangement with Rwanda to accept some of our illegal migrants, but not a single plane has taken off.  When a flight was arranged recently, the European Court of Human Rights prevented its take-off at the last minute.

Our government doesn’t want to remove these migrants, but even if it did, outside “human rights” courts won’t allow it.

In summary then, this country has changed dramatically in the last two decades and none of it has been for the better.  Formerly sleepy rural towns now have drastic crime rates…..  terror attacks, rape, murder, have all exploded.

Our government knows this and chooses to allow it to continue.

All protests are met with intimidation and violence by masked left-wing thugs who have the full support of the police and the press.

Every single day, more people come here and the problem becomes greater and greater.

Both major political parties are in support of this migration, and that brings me to perhaps the most staggering part; the vast majority of those who vote continue to vote for these parties.  No matter the crime explosion, no matter the loss of identity or culture, no matter the multicultural ghettoisation and division, the public continues to vote for more.  (Of note, most of the public don’t vote at all).

This is where we are.  The United Kingdom, 2022.

Our only hope is that one of two things happens: 1) People who vote begin to vote for alternative parties, or 2) those who don’t vote begin to vote for alternative parties.

If neither option is taken, the UK will descend in to violence as native people seek to protect themselves and their families.  It is inevitable.

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain