by election results people turn against the tories

By-Election Results: People Turn Against the Tories

Anne Marie Waters Friday 24th June 2022 Two Parliamentary by-elections that took place this week have been rather revealing. The first obvious development is the loss by the Tories that has resulted in more calls for Boris Johnson to go.  Johnson doesn’t seem to be paying attention however.  For his part, he said “As a... Read more

the rwanda fiasco

The Rwanda Fiasco

Anne Marie Waters Friday 17th June 2022 This was never going to work.  Priti Patel clearly thought that by stating she’d send illegal immigrants to be processed in Rwanda, the numbers of those crossing the channel would drop.  She was wrong.  It was another failed gimmick by a government trading in gimmicks. In April, the... Read more

the truth about the who pandemic treaty

The Truth About the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Anne Marie Waters Friday 27th May 2022 It’s not easy to get to the truth about the latest World Health Organisation controversy, and that’s always worrying.  The House of Commons library (on May 18th 2022) posted this: In March 2021, a group 0f world leaders, including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced an initiative for... Read more