by Paul Burgess, For Britain Spokesman for the Environment

Huge numbers of people in a large number of industries depend on the myth of man made climate change.

For a start tens of thousands of scientists would have no funding without keeping the alarm going. The ‘models’ that they base all the alarm on assume a basic fact – that all climate change is due to mankind. This is baked into all research and there is no study at all of natural factors. It is just ‘assumed’ that any climate change is down to man.

The IPCC report is NOT a scientific report. The summary for policy makers which governments base their plans on is written sentence by sentence by a committee of  politicians appointed by governments around the world.

The result is that within the 4,000 pages of the supposed scientific reports the conclusions reached actually disagree with the summary by the politicians. Hurricane frequency being just  one example.

The climate is simply not following the scare stories so the claims to the public are having to become more and more absurd. The scares are being used by the political left for control and they make sure dissent is silenced.

As an example,. here is just one scare story as to how climate alarmism is being used:-

So yes,  the Afghanistan Taliban takeover is down to climate change!

So too much rain in the desert is an issue and at the same time drought an issue and the poor people have turned to the Taliban for help!

There were droughts as the crop yield increased, but at the troughs they gave more food than before – that is why there is the spikey nature of the graph. But overall the crop yield has increased and increased. There have always been droughts – a long history of them – it is desert after all!!

However simple facts get in the way.  Each country’s crop yields are recorded every year by international bodies and here is the one for Afghanistan:-

Of course the huge increases in crop yield may just happen to be influenced by the large Western subsidies that were 40% of the GDP.

Of course the extra CO2 itself has even contributed.

We have now reached the true Orwellian world where blatant lies are the norm, changing history is the norm and it all in the aid of control of the population.

It goes beyond climate of course. Covid deaths are never reported to us. The daily death rate are those who died with covid not of it. Why not try to get the facts on those who died of it? No attempt is even made.

Annual death rates per 100,000 people are currently much lower than they have been in many years in the recent past but our society is being trashed by our leaders who are fools.

We live at a very dangerous time for our society and we are losing the battle without true opposition. It is why For Britain must continue to grow and increase influence and power.

The lies have permeated the education system as well was every other part of our society and a whole generation of children has been brought up with them.