I’m Frankie Rufolo and I couldn’t be more proud to be the For Britain candidate for Tiverton and Honiton. I have friends and family in the constituency embarrassed by Neil Parish, so voters can know I have a personal connection to the area. I’ve travelled all over the South West, working for different charities and now I fight for good causes through my politics.

This by-election takes place on the anniversary of the EU referendum and Devon overwhelmingly voted Leave. Neil Parish was a Remainer and the Lib Dems refused to respect the mandate. The people of Tiverton and Honiton deserve a real Brexiteer to fight their corner in parliament and I can be that MP. I’m proud that unlike Reform UK, For Britain is in a group of Eurosceptic parties across the continent that may bring down this monster on our doorstep. Our fishing communities can be assured that For Britain will keep EU boats out of our waters.

It’s sheer hypocrisy to see Neil Parish looking at inappropriate videos on his phone in the Mother of All Parliaments, when the government he supports are trying to regulate the internet and take away our liberty, our privacy, and our freedom of speech online. The censorious Online Harms Bill must be stopped and this is why For Britain, the UK’s free speech party, is so important in this by-election. One of our main policies is a UK Constitution to protect freedom of speech.

Neil Parish supported the government’s COVID vaccine mandates, an authoritarian policy that would have meant the loss of thousands of healthcare workers when already one in eight people in Devon are on an NHS waiting list, and we have some of the worst dental care in the country after years of cutbacks, stealth privatisation, and mismanagement. I’m vaccinated and proudly volunteered at one of Devon’s main vaccination centres, but I took to the streets to oppose COVID passes and vaccine mandates. For Britain has sound policies for the NHS: more beds, not more bureaucracy, doctors, not diversity officers.

Neil Parish was against cuts to foreign aid when the UK is still sending taxpayers’ money to hostile countries with space programs and nuclear weapons. Some government aid programs have done more harm than good, with money swindled by corrupt bureaucrats, foreign militaries, and even falling into the hands of terrorists. For Britain would scrap foreign aid and use that money to invest in Devon. When the EU’s Common External Tarrifs have hindered our trade with the rest of the world, and the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has undercut poor farmers in developing countries, Brexit is a fantastic opportunity to help people abroad through trade, not aid.

On transport, Cullompton has been promised a new relief road for years and something has to be done to ease the problem of large trucks and lorries going through Mid Devon’s narrow streets. Neil Parish was trying to get the levelling up funding from the government but now his foolish actions have put all that in jeopardy. For Britain opposes HS2 and would spend that money on re-opening Cullompton’s train station and invest in transport and infrastructure across Devon.

I’ve worked with children for years. I used to teach children to play the trumpet, and I know that Tiverton’s secondary school is overcrowded and class sizes in Devon are above the national average, with special educational needs neglected. The government’s lockdowns did huge damage to children’s learning and mental health. The Tories’ obsession with changing school structure and multi-academy trusts isn’t helping. For Britain would increase education spending, protect school choice and support a new grammar school for Tiverton to give working class kids in the town the chance of an education that Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg take for granted.

Police and crime issues have been raised by local residents already and this is something I’ve campaigned on for years. The latest statistics from Devon and Cornwall Police show a 20% increase in sexual offences in the area. I want to re-open the front desk at Honiton Police Station so that victims have more ways to come forward. For Britain would abolish Police and Crime Commissioners and scrap hate crime units to pay for more police on the street. We would abolish suspended sentences and deport immigrants who commit crimes to ensure the perpetrators are properly punished.

Devon is famous for its farming communities and many people in Tiverton and Honiton care about animals. For Britain would ban unstunned religious slaughter, ban live exports, phase out factory farming and animal testing, and aim to bring an end to badger culling.

For Britain want to protect Devon’s countryside, not build more houses on our beautiful greenbelt or blight the landscape with ugly, noisy, bird-slicing wind turbines. There’s a problem with empty houses in Mid Devon and these should be put to use before more development is approved on valuable green space. Locally, second home ownership is a contributing factor to the housing crisis in Devon. Nationally, the Tories’ broken promises on immigration mean that we can’t know what the demand for housing will be from one year to the next.

The latest pictures of the Prime Minister partying prove that the lockdowns were unfair and disproportionate. Another LibLabCon politician won’t make a real difference, but electing me will tell Boris Johnson the party’s over! In last year’s County Council elections, I got more votes than any UKIP, Reform UK, Freedom Alliance or Heritage Party candidate in Devon.

In the Tiverton and Honiton by-election, the strongest patriotic and lockdown-sceptic vote is a For Britain vote.