You guys in manufacturing? Tough, you lose your job. You guys working in power plants? Tough, you lose your job. You guys drive a car that uses unleaded? Tough, we’re upping your tax. You guys use power in your home? Tough, we’re gonna make your life harder.

Of course for those who lose their jobs other opportunities will come up, however, that’s not the biggest concern. In the end this wasn’t about COVID as demonstrated by the Project Veritas video showing what the mainstream media (because they all do everything in sync) will be pushing out now.

Trump hated the Paris Climate Accords, didn’t think climate change was a big deal. As he said himself, “I am in the way”. They got him out, now it’s full drive over the cliff (you will find Tony Abbott was pushed out not because of the non-scandal “gaffes” but because he was a strong opponent to pushing/subsiding Green energy).

Watch meat prices go up even more, housing to become even more unaffordable and all you little people are going to be looking for a small pod to live in. Hopefully when that time comes I will be long gone from this earth and the young people who keep claiming that their future is “being stolen” by the working class will finally get the nightmare that they deserve so much.

No more sympathy for the snotty youth.