Anne Marie Waters 

Wednesday 2nd March 2022




Black Lives Matter (BLM) have the kind of support most campaigners can only dream of.  The press portrays them as something akin to saints, even covering up their violence.  Their influence can be seen everywhere from Netflix to football stadiums.  Yet so few have actually stopped to ask the question: who are they?

The answer is that they are a group of neo-communist Marxists who are happy to indulge in rioting and violence to bring about their utopia – the complete destruction of Western civilisation which they view as racist regardless of the fact that all racial groups (except whites) have equal rights in Western countries.

They have won this support by pretending to fight for racial justice.  They have given themselves a name that makes them impossible to oppose without being accused of racism.  They are clever, they are bullies, and they are hypocrites.

They present themselves as the opponents of slavery, but say nothing about the slavery that is widespread around the world today.  Instead, they prefer to focus on past slavery, and only that that benefited white countries a century ago.

It was recently revealed that BLM have got themselves in to a spot of bother.  Their finances are shady to say the least.  In the United States, $60 million is unaccounted for.  Nobody in the organisation can say where this money has gone to.  Worse still, a Los Angeles address provided by the group was found not to exist.  American authorities are now chasing them for tax reasons, but they are nowhere to be found.

While this money went missing, its founding leaders amassed property portfolios worth millions.  So much for “equality”!

In the UK, funds raised by Black Lives Matter in Bristol also disappeared.

The BBC reported:

A black-led youth group has said it has been “shocked” after Black Lives Matter (BLM) fundraising money seemingly went missing.

An online fundraiser set up for the Bristol youth group Changing Your Mindset raised £30,000 in June 2020.

Charity workers said they have since been struggling after not receiving any money and have reported it to police.

The organisation became prominent here in Britain when activists pulled down a statue of Edward Colston in Bristol; an act of criminal damage that was committed in full view of the police and global media.  Despite this, those who committed the act walked free from court as defence counsel told jurors to be on the ‘right side of history’.  Effectively, the jury was asked to ignore the law and allow this rabble to do whatever it pleased.

What this has proven is that we no longer live in a country of law and order and equal rights for all, but one of fear and acquiescence.  Those who shout the loudest win the game, regardless of truth or justice.

We cannot accept this.

For Britain does not accept this.

We will protest against Black Lives Matter, and unpunished criminal damage, at the Edward Colston plinth on April 9th at 1 am. 

Please join us there.  It is crucial that we, as a society, stand up to the bullies of Black Lives Matter and demand the restoration of criminal justice and the law.

Please help us with this vital campaign.  You can donate here or join us on the day.

I will deliver a speech from the plinth on which the statue of Bristol’s most famous son once stood.  

Help us win back our heritage, and our justice system.

(Plus we will have a drink together in a friendly pub afterwards!)

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain