Then again, football fans weren’t the sharpest.

Owners are worried that they will continue to make losses if they don’t make this move, which is the only thing that makes sense.

“TV pundits” (they ought to get a proper job) are concerned that they will likely lose their job over competing with other low standard pundits since there won’t be enough top jobs to go around.

Footballers like Jordan Henderson and Marcus Rashford are worried because they’re going to face a backlash should they support the super league move.


And fans… well you guys just suck, completely. Let’s list down the reasons why;

  • you didn’t have a problem with billionaires taking over your “beloved” club
  • you didn’t have a problem with billionaires spending a fortune on new stadiums/upgrades
  • you didn’t have a problem with billionaires spending 100s of millions on players
  • you didn’t have a problem with billionaires spending millions on wages for your “heroes”
  • you didn’t have a problem with the champions league expanding giving you more games to play
  • you didn’t have a problem paying ridiculous amount of money for Sky/BT to watch poor education boys kick a ball about for 90 minutes
  • you didn’t have a problem even paying the ridiculous amount of money to go and watch them at the stadium too

Guess what? You had power, you still have it and yet you continue to bitch about it, here’s an idea. Let football go, find a purpose in life (a real one), even a hobby and move on. You giving yourself a heart attack or high blood pressure because your team lost in the last minute or you lost a bet only to take it out on your wife/partner afterwards gives all men a bad image.

Footballers are not heroes, they are not “superstars” – you the parent is the superstar. You work hard, even doing 2 or 3 jobs at a time – that’s who your kids should look up to, not some overpaid ego who gets to go home knowing all his bills are paid, having time to buy another home and travel abroad whenever they feel like it even during a pandemic. Everyone else on the other hand was told to shut up, sit at home and rely on benefits.

As for the billionaires; they pay the wages of footballers who in turn give us a high amount of tax revenue, bring additional investment in not to mention they themselves making investments elsewhere. Billionnaires give more money to charity and create more business opportunities in one year alone than any of us (being the majority) will ever do in our lifetime.

You had your chance, you accepted the “greed”, didn’t mind paying a fortune to get a kick out of a game which lasts typically 90 minutes. Football fans make your choice; your country/culture or ‘big’ sport business. Enough of your whining.

Here is Sky News website yesterday, you would think we were not in a middle of a pandemic right now. It’s because Sky know it’s the right call (business wise) to bring up news to distract the low IQ audience that they have.

Below is a video stream I did earlier this week.