This article will provide you with all the information you need to show why the Batley schoolteacher and his family are in hiding fearing for their lives.  Please share it with your family and friends so others can see the truth.  It is “the truth” because it is supported by objective evidence.  The Batley schoolteacher scandal did not appear out of thin air.  There is a catalogue of events prior to it that have been deliberately ignored by successive British governments for decades.

The Batley religious education schoolteacher and his family are still in a safe house being guarded 24/7 by the police, three months after showing a cartoon of Muhammad in a lesson on free speech and blasphemy. The threat to the safety of the teacher and his family is judged by police to be so severe that even their extended family have not been told the location of their safe house.  The teacher also showed images of the Pope, President Trump, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the class, but no-one cares about those images including Catholics.  Most of Charlie Hebdo’s religious cartoons were of the Pope.

Mohammad Sajad Hussain is the Chief Executive of the Muslim charity, Purpose of Life. Using the Purpose of Life twitter account, and the charity’s letter headed paper, he endangered the Batley schoolteacher’s life further.  He published the teacher’s name, called him a “sadistic abuser of Islam”, accused him of “terrorism”, and wanted him sacked [1].  Mohammad Sajad Hussain continued his tirade against the teacher in an interview on RT (Russian Television) where he said the teacher had insulted 2 billion Muslims around the World [2].  Given that the French schoolteacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded for showing a cartoon of Muhammad to his class, Mohammad Sajad Hussain’s actions were beyond reckless.  The Free Speech Union wrote to the CEO of the Charities Commission requesting the Commission to investigate the Muslim charity Purpose of Life.  The letter shows Purpose of Life has breached several obligations of a charity [3].

I am not aware of any police action against Mohammad Sajad Hussain for further endangering the teacher’s life or action by the Charities Commission on the Muslim charity, Purpose of Life.  Whilst Mohammad Sajad Hussain did post an apology on twitter several days later, the damage had already been done.  Despite many complaints against Mohammad Sajad Hussain and his charity on twitter, the twitter account of the Muslim charity Purpose of Life is still active.  It appears there is one law for us and another for Muslims.

The headmaster of Batley Grammar School, probably fearing for his own life, made a filmed grovelling apology to the Batley Muslim community.  In addition to the headmaster, the schoolteacher’s union, the National Education Union, and the Batley Labour party MP, did not help the schoolteacher.  In fact, the opposite.  Tracey Brabin, the Batley and Spen Labour party MP, says she is glad the school has recognised “the upset and offence” it has caused and has now “apologised for the offence caused” [4].  According to the Labour party, it appears offending the local Muslim community is far worse than a schoolteacher and his family in hiding, fearing for their lives.

The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, did condemn the threats to the schoolteacher’s life, the intimidatory action by Muslims gathered outside the school, and their breaking covid regulations.  However, he added a caveat.  “Schools are free to include a full range of issues, ideas and materials in their curriculum, including where they are challenging or controversial, subject to their obligations to ensure political balance. They must balance this with the need to promote respect and tolerance between people of different faiths and beliefs, including in deciding which materials to use in the classroom” [5].  In other words, the school and the schoolteacher were the problem!

Despite the large police presence outside the school, no one was arrested for their intimidatory actions and breaking covid regulations.  Again, it appears there is one law for us and another for Muslims.  The Prime Minister has said nothing about the Batley schoolteacher scandal.  Lessons have been changed at Batley Grammar School and likely elsewhere in the country, so this never happens again.  Intimidation by bullies, backed up with death threats worked.

Britain, a liberal western democracy in the 21st century, now has a de facto Sharia Blasphemy Law.  The country is going backwards.

What is behind the Batley schoolteacher and his family being in a safe house, guarded 24/7 by the police?  Segregation or to be more precise, self-segregation by the Muslim community.  What is behind the self-segregation by the Muslim community?  Their religion, Islam.

I am a British Army veteran and served in Northern Ireland with an infantry regiment during the height of the troubles.  I saw up close in Northern Ireland what self-segregation in a country, with its resultant hatred and radicalisation leading to terrorism, does to a society.  That self-segregation, with its resultant hatred and radicalisation leading to terrorism, is being repeated by the British Muslim community and the British government is doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  Successive governments have simply kicked the can further down the road.

Ed Hussain was previously an advisor to Labour Prime Ministers Tony Blair and George Brown.  As a young Muslim, he was radicalised in his local college in Tower Hamlets, London, and the East London Mosque where he worshipped but later became a moderate Muslim.  He was interviewed recently by the Daily Telegraph for his new book entitled: Among The Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain, in which he investigates the segregation of the British Muslim community from the rest of Britain.  He criticises the lack of intervention by the British government and states in the article: “We can’t let more Batleys emerge.  I have friends who are playwrights who refuse to write anything about Muslims because they are terrified of being killed. We can’t live in a country where we are fearful of expressing a view, opinion or art. Something within us is dying and that is what I fear.” [6]

From the Ed Hussain interview: Segregation is the seam that runs through Husain’s book.  “We can’t allow for borders to emerge within our own country,” he says. In areas such as Savile Town, he fears something he calls a “quiet caliphate” is slowly taking shape – a separate world from the rest of society; one beholden to different rules, education, identity, and laws. It is a problem, he argues, successive governments have refused to properly acknowledge.  “A generation is growing up here utterly detached from British culture and values.  The moment you have this communal identity you see the other communities as your enemy,” he says.

That is exactly what happened in Northern Ireland with the Catholic and Protestant communities.  They had separate schools and children grew up hating each other.  For the most part, the Catholic and Protestant communities led separate lives.  Northern Ireland was a segregated country. The two largest barriers in self-segregation are endogamy where people only marry within their own community/religion and children going to separate schools.  These two barriers are being taken down in Northern Ireland but are increasing in the British Muslim community.

The religious ideology behind the Muslim community’s self-segregation is far stronger than that separating the Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland.  Whilst the protagonists were split down religious lines in Northern Ireland, it wasn’t about religion.  It was about the six counties in Northern Ireland; it was political.  The self-segregation by the British Muslim community is all about religion; a religion that is very proscriptive and intolerant to outside influence.  Also, Islam has violence (jihad) at the heart of the religion.  Unlike the terrorism in Northern Ireland, Islamist terrorism is Global.  The intolerance of Islam and its violent streak is clearly shown in the Batley schoolteacher scandal.

From the Ed Hussain interview:  As we walk through the streets of Savile Town, he points out even the charity shops are devoted to the “ummah” or Muslim community with a generation growing up here utterly detached from British culture and values. “Multiculturalism,” he says, “was a noble aim that has gone wrong.” He makes the point that in places like Savile Town the “multi” bit is entirely missing.  According to the most recent census results of 2011, only 48 of the 4,033 people living here were designated white British.  According to his book, within a decade (based on the ONS census of 2001–11 projections) several areas in Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Luton, and some London boroughs will be Muslim-majority.

Ed Hussain fears liberal Muslim values are being lost in many parts of Muslim Britain to an ultra-orthodox interpretation of the faith – one that is rapidly on the rise.  “People may be in denial, but I’ve seen the line from mosques to suicide bombings,” Husain says, reflecting on his own brush with extremism.  Mohammed Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the 7 July 2005 London tube bombings planned the attack from his home in Dewsbury.  In 2015 Talha Asmal, a 17-year-old from Savile Town, Dewsbury, became Britain’s youngest suicide bomber for ISIS.  His best friend, Hassan Munshi, also from the area, had travelled with him. In 2008, Hassan’s younger brother, Hammad Munshi, became the country’s youngest convicted terrorist after police found instructions on martyrdom and explosives hidden in the 15-year-old’s bedroom.

According to the Daily Telegraph article, more than a half of Britain’s mosques are run by the Deobandi movement.

The Deobandi movement was formed in the town of Deoband in India in 1886.  The Deobandi movement is a hardline fundamentalist sect and is heavily influenced by Wahhabism, the Saudi Arabian deeply fundamentalist version of Islam.  According to the US based Global Security Organisation, the Deobandi movement blames westernisation for the demise of Islamic countries compared to the West and wants Muslims to return to the pristine teachings of the Prophet.  The Deobandi movement gave birth to the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  According to the US based Global Security Organisation, most of the Taliban leadership attended Deobandi seminaries in Pakistan [7].

According to an article in The Times, 17 of Britain’s 26 Islamic seminaries are run by the hardline Deobandi movement producing 80% of the Muslim clerics trained in Britain.  Britain’s leading Deobandi cleric, Riyadh ul Haq, called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah and preached contempt for Jews, Christians, and Hindus [8]. A Daily Mail article shows a transcript from Riyadh ul Haq’s DVD sermons.  On integration, he states “Allah has warned us in the Koran not to befriend the kuffar, do not align yourself with the kuffar” [9].  The term “kuffar” is a highly derogatory Arabic term for a non-Muslim.

Tablighi Jamaat is the missionary arm of Deobandi Islam.  From an article in the Indian newspaper, The Sunday Guardian Live: Tablighi Jamaat operates the largest Islamic network in the world, with perhaps as many as 70-80 million members spread over 150 countries.  It serves to radicalise existing Muslim communities throughout the World by encouraging Muslims to embrace hardline Deobandi Islam. That many Western jihadists have some involvement with Tablighi Jamaat at some point in their radicalisation is indisputable.  Al Qaeda encouraged potential recruits to first join Tablighi Jamaat, partly because Tablighi Jamaat’s missionary work offered important cover for travelling jihadists.

Darul Uloom Dewsbury is Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters in Europe.  Darul Uloom is the academic arm of Deobandi Islam.  A British Tablighi Jamaat official declared: “A major aim of Tablighi is to rescue the ummah [Muslim nation] from the culture and civilisation of the Jews, Christians and (other) enemies of Islam to create such hatred for their ways as human beings have for urine…and excreta…” [10].  This is “real” hate not the “false” hate that the left wing bestows on people and parties like For Britain that confront this real hatred in Islam. The Tablighi Jamaat European headquarters in Savile Town, Dewsbury, is only 4 kilometres from Batley!

Deobandi Muslim clerics, and their missionary arm, Tablighi Jamaat, strongly oppose Western influences and do not want British Muslims to mix with the non-Muslim population.  As Deobandi Islam controls the majority of the mosques and trains 80% of the Muslim clerics in Britain, self-segregation will increase in the majority of the British Muslim community.

Numerous surveys on British Muslims clearly show this self-segregation.  After one such survey in 2016, Trevor Phillips the former head of the British Equality and Human Rights Commission, said “British Muslims are becoming ‘a nation within a nation’.  Many hold very different values from the rest of society and want to lead separate lives.  Most worryingly, those with separatist views are far more likely to support terrorism” [11].  As in Northern Ireland, this shows the link between self-segregation and terrorism.

Where a survey breaks the results down into ages, it shows the younger 2nd and 3rd generation British Muslims are more fundamentalist than their parents and grandparents.  For example, a survey by Policy Exchange showed 36% of younger Muslims in the UK believe a Muslim should be killed for converting to another religion compared with 19% of those over 55 [12].  These are young Muslims born in Britain, some with parents born in Britain.

As shown in Savile Town and in British cities by Ed Hussain, Muslims congregate into large areas where they become the dominant demographic.  It is possible for a Muslim child to grow up in Britain today in an almost total Islamic environment.  As mentioned above, Darul Uloom is the academic arm of hardline Deobandi Islam.  They run fundamentalist Muslim faith schools in Britain.  From a Daily Mail article entitled: Inside the Muslim Eton, Islamic experts regard Darul Uloom as the second most important Islamic academic institution in the world after Cairo’s Al Azhar university.  The schools aim to create new leaders of the Islamic world. Today Darul Uloom is more than just a school.  It is a global school of thought based on Deobandi Sunni Islam.  Darul Ulooms are religious seminaries rooted in the Islamic orthodoxy of Sharia Law.  In 2009, think-tank Civitas conducted the first major analysis of Islamic schools in Britain.  Report author Dr Denis MacEoin said that younger British Muslims were more hardline than their elders, partly because such schools encouraged a separatist mentality [13].  Add in a first generation in every generation through arranged marriages from countries like Pakistan and you have 2nd and 3rd generations being more fundamentalist.

According to a 2015 report by the Muslim Council of Britain, British Muslims of Pakistani descent are by far the largest Muslim group in Britain at 42.5%. The next largest are those of Bangladeshi descent at 16.8%.  See page 24 [14].  Britain has had decades of mass immigration from Pakistan.  A four-year study by the Pew Research Centre was released in 2013 entitled: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society.  The following questions were asked in the Pew Research Centre study, and these are the answers from Pakistani Muslims, less the small “don’t know/refuse to answer” percentages:  Which comes closer to your view about our country’s blasphemy laws even if neither is exactly right?  75% chose “Blasphemy laws are necessary to protect Islam in our country”.  Do you favour or oppose death for apostasy from Islam? 75% favour, 16% oppose.  Do you favour or oppose whipping and cutting off the hands of thieves?  85% favour, 9% oppose.  Do you favour or oppose stoning people to death for adultery?  86% favour, 5% oppose.  See pages 199, 219, 220, 221 (pdf) [15].

Those are the values of a large majority of first-generation Pakistani Muslims that we allow into Britain in massive numbers every year.  75% chose blasphemy laws to protect Islam.  The penalty for blasphemy in Pakistan against Islam’s Prophet Muhammad is death! [16]

The Casey Review published in December 2016 took a year to complete.  It was a review of integration and opportunity in isolated and deprived communities.  Dame Louise Casey said there is a “first generation in every generation” phenomenon in Muslim communities which is acting as a “bar” to integration. The review also accuses Labour and local authorities of having “ignored or even condoned” harmful cultural traditions for fear of being branded “racist or Islamophobic”.  A study by Bristol University found that half of British Pakistanis married back in Pakistan.  Dame Louise Casey highlighted one northern town, which was not named, in which the local authority funded the work of a “representative” from the Muslim community who believed that ISIS was not a terrorist organisation! [17]  With the exception of the promotion of the English language, Muslim leaders and Muslim organisations were against the Casey Review.  They rejected the main point in the review of self-segregation by the Muslim community.  All of the evidence points to the Muslim community self-segregating not just in Britain but in every European country with a sizeable Muslim population.

In an interview in 2018, Dame Louise Casey said “It has been more than a year since I published my report on opportunity and integration, in which I warned the Government we were sleepwalking into an increasingly segregated country – it’s time to ignore ‘racism’ fears and act to stop Britain falling apart. The time for talking is over, the Government must start taking meaningful action now.  I urged our leaders to do ­something about it. We need big, bold ideas, I said. And then . . . silence.  Into the long grass it went”.   Dame Louise Casey praises a new government green paper entitled “Integrated Communities Strategy” [18]. However, since that interview in 2018, I could not find any meaningful action by the Government on the Integrated Communities Strategy.

An Islamist is a Muslim who supports Islamic militancy or Islamic fundamentalism.

Numerous surveys show one third of British Muslims want to live under Sharia Law rather than British Law.  That equates to 1.1 million British Muslims.  The survey companies, dates of surveys and percentages of British Muslims that want to live under Sharia Law rather than British Law are:  NOP Research (2006) 30%, Center for Social Cohesion (2006) 40%, ICM Poll (2006) 40%, Policy Exchange (2007) 27%, ICM Poll (2016) 23%, Policy Exchange (2016) 40%.  30+40+40+27+23+40 = 200.  200/6 = 33.33% [19].

Jihad is included in Sharia Law and by default it is Islamic fundamentalism so if a Muslim wants to live under Sharia Law rather than British Law, they are an Islamist on both counts. Reliance of the Traveller (Umdat al-Salik) is a manual of Sharia Law.  It is written in Arabic and English.  The English text is the first Islamic legal work in a European language to receive certification from the most important seat of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence, Cairo’s al-Azhar University.  On page 617 (pdf) it states: “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion”.  It then quotes from the Koran and hadiths to justify offensive Jihad against non-Muslims to forcibly convert them to Islam [20].

After the publication of the 12 cartoons of Muhammad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, hundreds of British Muslims protested outside the Danish Embassy in London.  The placards they carried read: “Butcher those who mock Islam”, “Slay those who insult Islam”, “Behead those who insult Islam”, and “Kill those who insult Islam”. Some evoked previous al-Qaida suicide bombings: “Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on the way”, or “7/7 is on its way”, “Europe you will pay, fantastic 4 are on their way”, and “Europe you will pay, Bin Laden is on his way”. As well as the rhyming “Europe you’ll come crawling, when the Mujahideen come roaring”, there were splenetic varieties: “Freedom go to hell”, “Liberalism go to hell”, and “Freedom of expression go to hell”.  One Muslim man was dressed as a suicide bomber! [21]

7/7 was the suicide bombing in the London underground on 7 July 2005 by four British Muslims of Pakistani descent.  52 people were killed and 784 injured, many of them with life changing serious injuries.  Bomb blasts in enclosed spaces produce a massive number of injured casualties.  People and the media often forget about the number injured.  They are an important statistic especially those with life changing injuries.  Three weeks after 7/7, four British Muslims detonated in the London underground.  Fortunately, their detonators didn’t ignite their main charges.  Over 800 people were very lucky.

When it comes to Islamic fundamentalism, a majority to a reasonably large majority of British Muslims are Islamists. In August 2006, the most comprehensive survey to date of Muslim opinion in Britain was done by NOP Research for Channel 4 TV.  Importantly for the Batley schoolteacher’s death threats, 78% of British Muslims supported punishment for people who publish cartoons of Muhammad. 68% supported the arrest and prosecution of British people who “insult Islam”.  When asked if free speech should be protected, even if it offends religious groups, 62% of British Muslims said No, it should not [22].

A few weeks after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in February 2015, where 12 people were killed and 11 wounded, thousands of British Muslims marched through London in protest, not against the massacre but against the cartoonists!  Their placards read: “freedom of speech = hatred of Muslims”, “learn some manners”, “absolute freedom of speech – no such thing”, “Charlie And The Abuse Factory”.  Leaders of the protest also sparked anger by claiming the ‘extremist’ cartoonists massacred in Paris for depicting Muhammad were as bad as the jihadis who gunned them down in cold blood.  A petition with over 100,000 signatures of British Muslims was handed into Number10 Downing Street complaining about the cartoonists. [23]  Two months after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the British based Muslim charity laughably named the Islamic Human Rights Commission, disgracefully voted Charlie Hebdo “Islamophobe of the Year” [24].

A large survey by ICM Research in 2016, found that two thirds of British Muslims would not inform the police if they thought that somebody close to them had become involved with terrorist sympathisers in Syria.  How do you deal with that?  It equates to 2.2 million Muslims of the 3.3 million British Muslim population.  In the same poll, 52% of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal [25]. America seems to have a lot of fundamentalist Christians but a large survey there of over 25,000 Christians on homosexuality by the Pew Research Centre in 2014, found the complete opposite.  54% of American Christians said homosexuality should be accepted [26].

Given all of the above, is there any wonder that a schoolteacher and his family are in hiding fearful for their lives and needing 24/7 police protection?  Is there any wonder that the Chief Executive of a Muslim charity further endangered the teacher’s life by naming him on twitter and accused him of insulting 2 billion Muslims around the World?  Is there any wonder that Muslim protestors outside his school were intimidating and wanted the schoolteacher sacked? All because the schoolteacher showed pupils a cartoon photograph of a religious figure.

I want to make a quick comparison between Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorism and Islamist terrorism.  It took the IRA 30 years to kill 3,000 people.  On 9/11, nearly 3,000 people were killed in 30 minutes!  The Liquid Bomb Plot by British Muslims of Pakistani descent in 2006 would have killed an estimated 10,000 people.  They planned to suicide bomb 18-22 planes over American and Canadian cities [27].

In Northern Ireland, we didn’t have to face suicide bombers and sometimes the IRA issued coded warnings to reduce the number of casualties.  That never happens with Islamist terrorism, they want the maximum number of casualties.  If Britain has to face a Northern Ireland style Islamist terrorist insurgency, it will be like Northern Ireland on steroids.

I do not want Britain and any other western country to end up like Northern Ireland or worse. The British government like many other western governments will not address Islamic fundamentalism unless there are Members of Parliament from a political party that is willing to do so. This happened in Austria and Denmark.

Austria closed down fundamentalist mosques and deported the imams.  They also stopped foreign funding of mosques which removed the malign influence of countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The Danish government recently introduced proposals aimed at fighting what they call “religious and cultural parallel societies” in Denmark. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated: “As a society, we must step more into character and stick to our Danish values. We must not accept that democracy is replaced with hatred in parallel societies. Radicalization must not be protected. It must be revealed”.  Denmark also recently stopped foreign funding of mosques.

Importantly in Denmark, there is complete agreement across the political divide from left to right for these Muslim integration policies.  This agreed outlook in Denmark was fostered by a political party like For Britain gaining a large percentage of the vote in a General Election [28].

Parties like For Britain are gaining ground in European countries because people can see the self-segregation by their Muslim communities and their governments not addressing the situation.

Segregation breeds hatred, hatred breeds radicalisation and radicalisation breeds terrorism.

The problem of Islamic fundamentalism must be tackled politically to stop widespread violence because like Northern Ireland, that will eventually happen.  France is heading down that path to civil war according to former French Army Generals and thousands of French armed forces personnel who sent two letters to President Macron and the French parliament.  From an article in France 24: Those who signed the letter described themselves as soldiers from the younger generation of the military, a so-called “generation of fire” that had seen active service.  “They have offered up their lives to destroy the Islamism that you have made concessions to on our soil,” they wrote [29].  Like me these soldiers have fought against terrorists, and they can see the exact same problems in their own country.  France has the largest Muslim population in Europe at 5.6 million (2016 estimation), 8.8% of the population [30].

Appeasing a bully as Britain has done with Islamic fundamentalism will not work, the bullying just becomes worse.

Political parties such as Reform, Reclaim, and the Social Democrat Party will not tackle Islam.  They make vague statements like “violent extremism” or “defending free speech in schools” but they won’t mention the words “Islam” and “Muslims”. For Britain will and we will walk the talk.

A large private security detail is required for the leader of the For Britain party, Anne Marie Waters, who is a candidate in the Batley and Spen by-election on 1 July 2021 because of the large Muslim community there.  Even posting party leaflets in the constituency is a dangerous mission.  That is what politics in Britain looks like for someone brave enough to challenge Islamic fundamentalism.

Phil Kemble

Member, For Britain