Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 22nd August 2021

Does it matter what people believe?  Of course it does.  But let’s take a scenario.  If I was to tell an open border advocate that 99% of Afghans believe sharia law should govern, they’d say it doesn’t matter.  I’ve has this experience more than once.  They don’t believe it matters that 80% (or so) of people in Afghanistan think women should be stoned for adultery and apostates killed.  The open border-ites will once again insists it’s irrelevant, they need refuge.  So let’s change the scenario a little.  Let’s say 20,000 (at least) white supremacists who believe in the violent suppression of black people suddenly found themselves unsafe and in need of a country to take them in.  How many left-wing bleeding hearts do you think would welcome them with open arms on the grounds that their beliefs were insignificant?  None.  Zero.  We all know it.  So it does matter what people believe after all.

An ounce of common sense will confirm that people’s beliefs are significant.  Belief prompts action.  Belief pr0mpts political viewpoints.  Belief creates society.  Belief in Islam and sharia has created Afghanistan, before and after the Taliban.

A country is shaped by its people and their values – values informed by belief.  Change the people and their values, change the country.  It’s not rocket science, it really isn’t.

So with that out of the way, what can people who believe in sharia bring to our country?  Sharia, that’s what.  Have you noticed that all the “refugees” who come here are Muslims?  They’re all bringing Islam in one form or another.  Islam, throughout its entire history, has never lived peacefully with non-Muslims.  Individuals may do of course, but en masse, no.  It doesn’t happen.  Islam always imposes its will because that’s what the religion demands.  Nobody needs to take my word for it.

Back in the 1980s, book-burning was carried out on British streets and an author threatened with death.  Salman Rushdie lived in hiding for years.  His offence was to write a book that some Muslims found offensive.  That’s hardly the only example of the erosion of free speech by Muslims in the West.  In my book ‘Beyond Terror‘, I cover it in great detail.  (I also cover the rise of violent anti-semitism that has also been imported).

It is however, the freedom and safety of women that is most risked by allowing a massive Muslim population to develop.  Again, nobody needs to take my word for it.

The heroic ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in her latest book ‘Prey‘, gives us statistic after statistic to prove that sexual assault and rape have exploded in Europe since the borders were opened to the Muslim world.  Why?  Because in the Muslim world, women are approximately worthless, and any woman independently making her way about the place, or not wearing a black cloak from head to foot, is asking to be harassed or raped.  So ingrained is this belief that in some Muslim countries, if a woman is raped, she is blamed for it and risks being stoned to death.  Don’t believe me?  Research it.  It’s there for all to see.

Let’s take a relevant example from Europe.  Have a look at this Norwegian news report.  It states that 100% of stranger rapes in Oslo, over a 3 year period, were committed by “non-Western immigrants”.  100%.  I remember being interviewed by a smug Norwegian reporter who was incensed that I had said European countries were allowing European women to be raped.  I responded by telling him that with the knowledge of the statistics above, if the Norwegian government doesn’t stop this immigration, even though, based on evidence, it knows many of those arriving will rape Norwegian women, then it is a matter of fact that the Norwegian government is choosing to allow Norwegian women to be raped.  Silence from smug reporter.

Reports from all over Europe confirm that Muslims have a high propensity to rape European women, and feel no remorse whatever.

Here is a snippet from Hirsi Ali’s ‘Prey’:

Four young German women – two of them mere girls – were murdered by asylum seekers between 2016 and 2018.  The first case was the brutal rape and murder of 19 year old medical student, Maria Ladenburger, by Hussein Khavari.  As Maria was riding home from a party in Freiburg in 2016, Khavari pushed her off her bicycle, bit her, choked her, and raped her, leaving her on a riverbank, where she drowned.  When he had arrived in Germany the year before, Khavari had claimed to be an unaccompanied minor from Afghanistan; he had been placed with a German host family and been sent to school.  Investigators later revealed that he was in his 20s and more likely from Iran.  He had previously been convicted of attempted murder in Greece before arriving in Germany but had not been jailed.  Giving evidence at his German trial, Greek police noted that he had been unremorseful.  Replying to their question about his having pushed a woman off a cliff, Khavari replied “that’s just a woman”.

There are a few things to note here.  One, he lied about who he was.  He had previous violent convictions and yet was free to roam Europe, and he thinks women are nothing.  ALL of this will happen again, and again, and again, if we open our door to Afghan refugees.  It’s a matter of fact.

Boris Johnson however will still bring 20,000 of them here, knowing full well the danger they pose.

Why doesn’t Boris Johnson care about the danger they pose?  Why doesn’t the champagne socialist class care?  Why do they insist on opening our borders?  It’s simple.  Because “asylum seekers” are sent to the poorest areas of the country.  They are sent to live with the already struggling working classes of Britain.  It is only working class people who will be subjected to these violent crimes.  The open border luvies couldn’t care less about working class people.  We know this already because the luvies turned away while working class girls were gang-raped.  They still do, and will again.

Rape isn’t just about women and girls either.  It’s about humiliating the men who care about them.  What kind of men do nothing while their wives and daughters are raped?  Broken, defeated men.  It’s a sign of a defeated country.  A defeated people.

To be very very clear.  That has been done to us deliberately.  Our politicians know full well that our country will now be flooded with people from Afghanistan who will bring the most appalling beliefs with them.  Pew research in 2014 showed that Afghans are overwhelmingly in favour of the most shocking aspects of sharia law, including stoning people to death and executing apostates.  This is savagery.  That’s what’s coming our way.

Our politicians also know full well that many Afghans coming won’t be trying to escape the Taliban at all, but will see an opportunity to pretend they are, thus giving them the ability to live in the UK, funded by the British taxpayer.

Our politicians also know that every Hasan, Abdul, and Mohammed will now pretend to be Afghan.  Many will be vicious criminals, but what the hell, let’s send them to live with working class Britons anyway.

Oh, as a parting point, Rishi Sunak is now going to get rid of the pension triple lock, which will mean less money for our pensioners, many of whom will be plunged in to poverty despite having paid in to the pot for decades.  We can’t afford to give money to British pensioners, but we can afford 10,000s of Afghans and whoever else decides to turn up.

This is rotten.  Our politicians are rotten.  Both of the big parties are exactly the same.  I said before that we have imported hell on earth.  With another mass inflow from Afghanistan, we will import it yet again.

We can save ourselves but we can only do it one way.  Getting these disgusting politicians out of office and replacing them. That’s it.

We have to do it for ourselves.  We have to put ourselves first.  There’s nothing immoral about it.  Quite the opposite.  It’s time to vote against “refugees”, against the deliberate import of violent criminals to working class areas, and against this utter betrayal.

It’s time to vote for our safety, our pensioners, our children, and our country.  In other words, it’s time to vote For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters 


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