Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 11th July 2021

Modern life can be very confusing.  Indeed, at times, it’s a living contradiction.  Today is an exciting day for football fans.  It is the final of the Euro 2020 championships and England is in it!  While I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the game, I have been watching the matches so far and I’ll be glued to my TV this evening – most likely with some nail-biting going on.  It’s a great occasion, and one the country needs to cheer it up after a very difficult year, for pubs to bring in some much-needed revenue, and a chance to display the England flag without local councils denouncing everyone as racists!

But there’s something I’ve noticed, and this is the confusing part – celebrities and politicians are suddenly celebrating England.  Often the same people that loathe the country, or want it transformed beyond recognition, on every other day of the year.  It is, in a word, pretty sickening.

One example in the papers in recent days involves the BBC presenter Naga Munchetty.  Keeping in mind that BBC presenters are obliged to be politically neutral in public (what a joke that is!), Munchetty got in to trouble back in March when she ‘liked’ posts on Twitter mocking the Union Jack.  The controversy started when fellow BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt sneered at a government minister he was interviewing about the Union flag behind him.  Stayt said “I think your flag is not up to standard size, government interview measurements. I think it’s just a little bit small, but that’s your department really.”  Munchetty laughed and responded with “There’s always a flag. They had the picture of the Queen, though.”

Soon afterwards, on Twitter, amid criticism of Charlie Stayt, Munchetty liked a tweet which read “What has Charlie done? The flag shaggers will be up in arms. Tell him we love him.”

The “flag shaggers”?  Sounds patriotic, doesn’t it?  Or perhaps not.

Munchetty later apologised saying:

“I ‘liked’ tweets today that were offensive in nature about the use of the British flag as a backdrop in a government interview this morning. I have since removed these ‘likes’. This do(es) not represent the views of me or the BBC.  I apologise for any offence taken. Naga.”

Following England’s historic win over Germany in this tournament, Munchetty posted a celebratory tweet.  One person responded saying he was “surprised” by her support.  She hit back with “What surprised you?!”

The remainder of the report on this naturally enough heavily implies that the Twitter user expressing surprise did so because of racism.  But isn’t there every chance it doesn’t involve racism at all, but her previous mocking of patriotic British symbolism?  Of course that’s the reason, but “racism” must be injected in to a controversy at every opportunity.  We already knew this.

Gary Lineker is also a little bit confusing.  He is an England football legend.  But he’s an England football legend who thinks Britain would be nothing without refugees.  What’s he talking about?  Is he perhaps referring to the 27,000 Ugandan Asians that came to the UK to flee the very real threat of the monstrous Idi Amin, who expelled the Asian population from Uganda in the 1970s.  These were actual refugees.  We knew who they were and why there was a genuine threat to their safety.

Perhaps Gary was referring to the 80,000 Jews who came here to escape Hitler.  Again, we knew who they were and they faced a real threat.  Gary, like so many celebrities, wants you to believe that similar is happening today as 1,000s of people arrive illegally, pretending to be refugees.  These people come from a variety of countries (we have no way of knowing) and are here not because they’re in danger, but because the UK is a soft touch that offers room and board to opportunistic strangers while its own people sleep in the streets (particularly its veterans and I hear little from celebrities by way of objection to this).

Those in politics are even more nauseating than TV or sports presenters though.  Keir Starmer was seen celebrating an England goal in the company of Owen Jones (who would open the borders permanently and to everyone) and the awful Ash Sarker.  Sarker got her 15 minutes of fame by telling Piers Morgan “I’m literally a communist”.  How very English!

Is there any part of the minds of these people that understands the following?  England will not be England if it maintains an open border to the world.  What is happening today is in no way comparable to the genuine needs of those fleeing Idi Amin or Adolf Hitler.  Why is this so difficult for them to understand?  Open borders will destroy this country permanently.  It really is that simple.

Furthermore, where were all the celebrities when Asia Bibi, a Christian woman under death sentence for insulting Islam in Pakistan, was denied refuge in the UK?  Not a peep.  Where are they when reports claim that “refugees” have caused an enormous rape crisis in Europe?  Not a peep then either.  Or when hundreds of Syrians are arrested for committing serious crimes in the UK?  Where is their concern for England in this instance?  Did they speak up when the UN acknowledged that 7 in 10 migrants coming to Europe’s shores are not refugees at all?  Where were they when a “refugee” murdered innocent people in Reading?

There is always silence when these uncomfortable facts are on the table.  There is silence because the truth is these people don’t give a damn about England, or Britain, or Europe, or decency, or the truth.  They will happily hand the country over to all and sundry, allow rapists and terrorists in without question, and then fly an England flag when there’s a football match on.  Like I said, sickening.

We can however fly the flag today, which makes a pleasant change for those who really do love the country.  It isn’t always the case, and Keir Starmer, who enjoys being photographed celebrating an England goal, has done nothing about it.

There are countless examples of Labour councils removing flags either of the Union Jack or of St George.  When will Keir Starmer publicly object and insist the flags can fly freely?  Don’t hold your breath.

If England win this evening, expect this nauseating display of hypocrisy to quadruple at least.  Then, when the celebrations subside, expect the celebrity and political class to revert to type – outright contempt for this beautiful country.  Real patriotism is year-round, not just at football time, and real patriotism involves defending our country from those that would harm it.  Always.

Good luck England.  I’ll be cheering you on.  Today, and tomorrow.

Anne Marie Waters


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