Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 14th November 2021

Today is Remembrance Sunday.  I have just returned from laying a wreath at the Headland Cenotaph in Hartlepool, where I live.

I saw a wreath from the Conservative Party and from Labour, and to be frank, it made by blood boil.

While the people of Britain, and its serving military men and women, remember those who died to defend this island, this treacherous Boris Johnson government does absolutely nothing about illegal migrants coming to our shores.  We do not know who these people are, what their intentions are, where they are from, or what they will do here.  It is beyond imagination, it is beyond scandalous, it is unforgivable, and it is a complete betrayal of those have given their lives for this country.

A couple of days ago, a new record was set.  It was the latest in a series of record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants coming to the UK.  This time, 1,185 people crossed the English Channel in a single day.  They were helped to do so by the Border Force; an organisation charged with preventing illegal immigration.  It is beyond parody.  But there’s a potential explanation.  

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that the outgoing head of the Border Force, Paul Lincoln, has described “bloody borders” as a “pain in the bloody a***”.  To be more specific, he said:

“We’re all human beings, we’re all mammals, we’re all rocks, plants, rivers. Bloody borders are just such a pain in the bloody a***.”

This is genuinely unbelievable.  The head of the Border Force doesn’t believe in borders.  No wonder we’re being invaded by way of Border Force facilitation.  This left-wing delusional nonsense sounds like something a Socialist Worker Party member might say.  Like most people on the borderless left, it is staggeringly naive.  We may all be human beings, but human beings are different, and people in other parts of the world have drastically different cultures and values than Britain is used to.  Now those values and cultures are coming here, and British people will pay the price.

So far this year, more than 23,000 people have crossed the English Channel illegally (up from around 8,000 last year).  The Tory government doesn’t give a damn.  It is inviting this.

It gets even worse.

British troops were sent to Poland this week to help secure its borders!

What on earth is going on?

This can only be deliberate. The Tories, and Labour, are doing all they can to bring conflict and chaos to our beautiful country.  We must soon come to the point where enough is enough.  I believe that time is now.

For Britain will end this.  We will place a physical border down the English Channel.  No more boats will come here.  We will treble the border force and appoint a leader that believes in borders (which ought to be a given) and who is committed to protecting us from illegal invasion.  If that person does not do this, they will be replaced with someone who will.

If necessary, the Royal Navy will protect the English Channel and send any and all boats back to France.  We will do so regardless of the French view on the matter.  We will also immediately stop all payments to France; they have not done what they were paid for and have not prevented this migration.  Why would they?  It moves the problem from there to here.

Meanwhile, all illegal immigrants currently held in hotels will be detained, in prisons, until they are sent back to their home countries.  All immigration will stop until this mess is sorted out.

Anyone who entered this country illegally will be sent home.  If they won’t say where their home is, they’ll go to prison until they do.  If we must build more prisons, so be it.  We can use the money we currently spend housing criminals in 4 star hotels.  I’m sure the British taxpayer would consider this money well spent.

It is genuinely scandalous, and today of all days, I am furious.  So are millions of us.

If we want to truly honour those who died for Britain, we must do what they did, and protect this country from invasion.

For Britain will do just that.

Join us.

Anne Marie Waters


For Britain 

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