Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 4th July 2021

While it is only barely standing, standing it is – Labour’s Red Wall (its northern heartlands) has not quite yet crumbled.  This party, directly responsible for mass immigration, division, and not to mention rape-gangs, has managed to keep its seat in Batley and Spen.  By the skin of its teeth – with around 300 votes in it.  It’s a small surprise, though hardly a shock.  This seat was never going to be as easy for the Tories to take as Hartlepool was.  Hartlepool doesn’t have a large Muslim population to pander to.  Thank God.

Upon being declared winner, Labour’s newest MP Kim Leadbeater said how glad she was that the voters in Batley and Spen had not chosen division, but hope instead.  It’s almost unbelievable.  The sheer gall of it.

This is a woman who distributed different leaflets to different parts of the town.  No division?  This is a woman who deliberately pitted Batley and Spen’s Indian and Pakistani communities against each other by distributing a leaflet condemning Boris Johnson for shaking hands with Indian PM Narendra Modi.  No division?  Kim Leadbeater cynically exploited Muslim contempt for Hindus (and of course for Jews by condemning Israel repeatedly) to appeal to the population keeping Labour in seats in the north of England.  Muslims won’t always keep Labour in seats but for now, that is still the case, and Labour knows it and isn’t afraid to use it.

In one leaflet, Leadbeater focussed entirely on foreign issues, always involving Muslims and always on the side of Muslims.  For example, she said she would fight for Palestinians and take the Islamic side in Kashmir.  She made the outrageous implication that it is Muslims who are suffering ‘human rights abuses’ in Kashmir, when the truth is that it is Hindus that have been ethnically cleansed from the region.  I made a video describing this in more detail, which you can watch here.

The turnout for the election was 47%, meaning that more than half of the people there didn’t bother.  I wouldn’t mind betting that this half is made up nigh-on exclusively of white Brits, who will now spend more years with an MP that doesn’t give a damn about them, and will do nothing about the crime they are forced to live with – crime that is never solved because police know how much of it is carried out by Muslims.

Across the country however, it is that 53% that we need to save this country.  That 53% doesn’t appear to understand its own power; it holds the key to a completely different political landscape.  If that 53% would vote, it could restore justice, decency and sanity to the UK.  I still believe it will.  Eventually.

The press as usual behaved shockingly.  If we had a media worthy of a true democracy, then all of the 16 candidates in this election would have had their words, policies, and vision printed in all newspapers.  Each candidate would have gotten airtime on the BBC.  That we don’t means this is not a true democracy, but we knew that already.

The death threats against a teacher for showing images of Mohammed in a classroom were met with dismissal by the big parties.  Both Tory and Labour candidates said they support free speech “but” we must show sensitivity.  In other words, free speech unless it offends Islam.  But more shockingly than that, the Jo Cox foundation gave a donation to a charity called Purpose of Life.  It made this donation weeks after that same charity had published the name of the teacher, putting his life in danger.  Leadbeater was an ambassador for the Jo Cox foundation at the time of the donation.

So to clarify, the new MP for Batley and Spen oversaw a donation to the charity that put the teacher’s life in danger, after it had put his life in danger.

For us, our party has been brought back to life and we have raised spirits and raised funds.  Those funds will now be used to improve our access to the non-voters that hold this country’s future in their hands.  I’ll be providing details on this as the days go on.

The obstacles we face are extraordinary.  Not only does the press behave as if we are minions of the devil, but it has become apparent that Royal Mail probably did not deliver our leaflet.

It’s a shame our country has become such a banana republic.  It’s a shame we’ve been so Islamised.  It’s a shame British people mean so little.  But to give up means giving up, and that’s something we can’t ever do.

Britain is worth fighting for, regardless of the size of the mountain that needs to be climbed.  So fight for it we will.

Anne Marie Waters


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