Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 6th February 2022

The law is supposed to do several things.  It is supposed to protect us physically, protect our property and protect our rights.  It is meant to bring justice and in a free society, it is supposed to be enforced without favour.  It is objective and nobody is above it.  That’s the ideal.  Most of the time, ideals are just that – ideals.  Nothing works perfectly and every system has flaws.  That is life.  It’s imperfect and it involves risks, and sometimes it isn’t fair.  But what we are seeing in the UK now is something completely different.  We have knowingly and deliberately abandoned all of the above ideals.  It is no accident.  We now live in a country where the law is applied, even changed, to adhere to political goals.  Those goals are simple; to transform the United Kingdom from a democratic society to a totalitarian one.  This transformation means that a certain politics is enforced upon us and the law is being used to facilitate that.

A perfect example is the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol.

The Criminal Damage Act 1971 (CDA) makes it a crime to destroy property.  The CPS describes it like this:

A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another, intending to destroy or damage any such property, or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged, shall be guilty of an offence.

“Property” in the CDA 1971 means property of a tangible nature, whether real or personal – s.10. CDA 1971 requires proof that tangible property has been damaged, not necessarily that the damage itself should be tangible.

Damage is not defined by the CDA 1971. It should be widely interpreted to include not only permanent or temporary physical harm, but also permanent or temporary impairment of value or usefulness.

That’s the offence.  Now let’s look to Bristol in 2020.

A mob of Black Lives Matter criminals, in protest at the police killing of another criminal in the United States, pulled down the statue of the famous Bristolian and threw it in to Bristol Harbour.

To be clear, the statue is property, it belongs to the public, and it was destroyed.  That’s the offence of Criminal Damage.

It happened in front of the police and the media and the offenders are on tape.  Red handed.  Bang to rights.  An open and shut case.

But it wasn’t.  In 2022, four BLM mobsters who had been charged with criminal damage walked free from court.  Sage Willoughby, Rhian Graham, Milo Ponsford and Jake Skuse were cheered as they walked from justice.  The law was rendered meaningless once again in order to bow down to left-wing politics and “racism” accusations.  

It happens with FGM, it happens with Muslim grooming gangs, it happens with immigration, it happens time and again.  The law in the UK is a tool for the left-wing. It is used, unashamedly, to inject extreme left ideals in to British society.

The remarks of the defence lawyers are actually frightening; they demonstrate the extent of this.  Colston’s statue was torn down because it is alleged he was a slave trader.  (The fact that slavery is still practiced in many non-white countries is still ignored by the BLM mob).  But whatever Colston’s story, it has nothing to do with the application of the law in 2022.  Or it shouldn’t.

One defence lawyer said:

“It is shameful that Bristol City Council did not take down the statue of slaver Edward Colston that had caused such offence to people in Bristol and equally shameful that they then supported the prosecution of these defendants.”

In my view, that lawyer should be struck off immediately.  That someone can avoid punishment under the letter of the law because of their politics means we are no longer a free country.  The extreme left minority have so much power because they are violent and utterly intolerant of all freedoms.  The established system is completely on their side.

The mainstream justice system is now completely under the jackboot of left-wing mob rule.

What adds an even more sinister element to this, in 2014 the Bristol Post asked the people of that city if they wished to keep the Colston statue.  The majority said they did.  The majority didn’t matter because the left-wing mob wanted its way – and got it.

We cannot and must not tolerate this.  The danger of it cannot be understated.  If you think this mob won’t come for you, think again.  It has been intimidating, bullying, and using violence to enforce its view on us all for years, it’s got to stop.

For Britain is going to Bristol.  We will make sure the people of that city understand the significance of what happened, and we will campaign, through whatever avenue we can, to restore that statue.

On Monday evening, I will describe in detail the legal and political implications of this story.  I will put a team together and tell you exactly what we intend to do to challenge this.

Please join me for this special and very important livestream on our YouTube channel or on this website.  I’ll be live at 8 pm.  It’s important, please join me.

Our democracy depends on it.

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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