Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 17th October 2021

“Diversity is our strength”.  That’s what we’re told.  Incessantly.  Relentlessly.  Over and over again.  But what is not so ever-present is a reason, or an explanation. Why is diversity our strength?  What exactly is so strong about it?

This phrase is classic example of what the term ‘Orwellian’ applies to.  In Nineteen-Eighty-Four, Orwell gives us the slogan of the ‘party’ – the ruling elite of socialist England (IngSoc).  The mantra is “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”.

They remind of these: “Islam is Peace” and “Diversity is our strength”.

Diversity is another word for division.  How many people would argue that division equals strength?  They wouldn’t.  Because division is never strength.  Unity is strength.  A united people are a strong people, a confident people.

Britain today is not strong, it is frankly a mess.  That’s precisely because there is no unity.  The UK is now a mish-mash of culture, moral relativism, hypocrisies,  inconsistencies and downright lies.

It is falling apart.  The latest shocking murder of a serving Conservative MP is just another example of its decline.

On Friday, the Conservative MP for Southend West Sir David Amess was brutally stabbed to death in his constituency surgery.  A “British” man of Somali origin is currently being held by police under the Terrorist Act on suspicion of the murder.

Sir David Amess was a father of 5.  His political views included being pro-Brexit, a strong advocate for animal welfare, a supporter of freedom from Islamic tyranny for the people of Iran, and a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

The detained has been named as Ali Harbi Ali, who was referred to the Prevent counter-extremism in the past, but was not on the radar of MI5.

It makes you wonder then just what a person has to do to be on the radar of MI5.  Why do so many of these potential killers get away without scrutiny prior to carrying out atrocities?  Is it because there are so many of them that resources are not available to keep tabs on them all?  Yes, that’s the reason.  An even better question is ‘why is here in the first place’?

The press are referring to this alleged murderer as “Somali”, not Muslim.  Just as the rape gangs are described as “Pakistani”, not Muslim; yet another attempt to keep Islam out of it and protect its rotten reputation from either more damage.

All that aside, just look at the state of our country.  People’s lives are in danger because of their political views.  Families have been torn apart, friendships lost, all because we cannot accept that our views may be different.

But the demise of this great nation goes deeper than that.  It is no longer a nation.  It is no longer a United Kingdom.

Politicians are now speaking out about the safety of MPs, and will do so for some time.  They will talk about ‘rhetoric’ and use this to squash our free speech even further.  Security will be ramped up, taking elected representatives even further away from those they are supposed to represent.

What will not happen is any admission of the truth.

The truth is that decades of mass immigration has turned Britain in to a dangerous and divided place.  This danger and division plays in to the hands of those who seek to take away our fundamental rights.  They will use security as their pretext; security that wouldn’t be needed if we weren’t so divided by mass migration.

Britain is no longer a homogenous society with a shared language, history, culture or heritage.  It is no longer a country of justice or law and order.  Instead, it is home to cultures from all over the world that bear no resemblance to British culture.  These are cultures at war with Britain and with each other.

We’ve imported conflicts from across the globe that are now being fought on our soil.

We’ve imported people from nations that despise Britain and want to cause it harm.

We’ve imported people who think it perfectly acceptable to murder those who think differently.  This has been amplified by the left-wing bullies who threaten, demonise and smear their opponents.  All without any consequence.

We are a cacophony of different languages so that we no longer can take for granted that we can even communicate.

The police and justice system are so concerned with “racism” (i.e. trying to stop the fuse from blowing), that they no longer concern themselves with actual crime.  This has resulted in fear, causing even greater division.

This country is losing its soul.  That is no coincidence.  That was the intention of mass migration and the cultural Marxism that accompanied it.  That cultural Marxism undermined truth and justice and shoved the native British majority to the bottom of the pile on their own land.

No politician in Parliament will speak these truths in the wake of Sir David’s vicious murder.  They will never admit what they’ve done.

If immigration is raised as a concern, it will be dismissed.  “We’re a nation of immigrants” or similar nonsense will be the response.  But this country is not a nation of immigrants.  It has always had immigration yes, but a trickle, what we’ve had since the ’90s is a flood.  A flood that is drowning the British people.

We know that politicians won’t address this.  They won’t change it either.

There is only one option; if you want a better Britain, vote for better politicians.  Vote for those with integrity and a commitment to truth.  Vote for those who care about this country and its people.  Vote against division and vote instead for unity; unity under the British flag and the freedom, justice and democracy it used to represent.

Anne Marie Waters 


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