Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 5th December 2021

It’s been a week since our fourth national conference, and once again, I couldn’t be more proud.  It was a great success.  You can watch my follow-up livestream here.

The speakers were amazing, the guests who sent us videos from around the world were amazing, everyone who know our party and admire it know why – because we are the tellers of the truths that are too uncomfortable for so others.

Our manifesto once again is the bravest and best.  We have the answers.  We address climate change, the loss of just policing, our descent in to tyranny that is manifested in so many distinct ways.  The loss of honest media, accountable politicians, integrity in education and science, all of it has been compromised.

Here are some uncomfortable truths, of all which are addressed, and a solution given, by For Britain:

  1. Press coverage is a lie.  Newspapers and TV stations don’t concern themselves with truth, but with headlines, or money-making through sensationalism.  The media will destroy lives for an agenda.  There is no facilitation of genuine debate, the opposite is true.  If a person speaks against the prevailing government message, such as on vaccines or coronavirus, they will not only be ignored, but actively smeared – even retrospectively (Wikipedia accounts for example will be rewritten).  Social media serves the same function.  For Britain knows that, sadly, the media will only act with integrity if it is forced to do so.  We are the only party with a policy of forcing it to do so.
  2. The police only protect the rights of those who agree with the prevailing government mantra.  Policing in Britain is entirely political – just like in a communist regime.  If you are protesting in line with government propaganda, you’re fine.  If not, you can expect your protest to be strictly controlled, if it is allowed at all.  The Conservatives are now making it harder to protest, and we can only do so with police consent.  Therefore, the police determine who can do what.  It is the definition of a police state.  For Britain will restore policing by making it accountable to the public and making a clean sweep across the top.
  3. “Climate change” is not true.  The fact is that there is no scientific integrity here.  We are not on the verge of mass extinction.  We are instead in the midst of a state-sponsored panic aimed solely at removing our freedoms and controlling what we may buy, how many holidays we may go on etc.  For Britain again has a unique and detailed policy on how to tackle the real problems of pollution while exposing the truth behind the alarmist headlines.
  4. Covid-19 is a power grab. What is happening here is clear; a virus, no more dangerous than many others, that has been used to completely transform power in society.  It has changed us to such an extent that we are now to wait to see if Boris Johnson will allow us to have our Christmas dinner together.  Government now controls when businesses should open or close and how many people we may socialise with.  It is absolutely staggering.  We are on the verge of possible compulsory vaccination.  The government will attempt to force us to take medical intervention we do not want.
  5. Mass immigration will destroy us.  10,000s of people are walking in to Britain illegally and the government allows it.  This achieves several things, but the most important one, from the government’s point of view, is to disempower the native population.  This mass immigration is coupled with a relentless assault on white people.  We are told in no uncertain terms that we don’t matter.  What’s more, this mass migration is bringing terror, rape, murder to our streets, and still it continues.
  6. Islam is not peaceful.  This is perhaps the most uncomfortable truth of all.  The mass migration addressed above is almost entirely Muslim, and it will bring with it generations of conflict.  That is because Islamic culture is incompatible with ours, and it is brutal, uncompromising and violent.  The current situation is setting us up for a complete destruction of the Britain, and Europe, that has stood for centuries.

The truth is that our freedoms, the truth, integrity and justice, are crumbling before our eyes.  For Britain can fix this, and we have the courage and integrity to do so.  I know that people think we can’t succeed because of the lack of media coverage, but that is exactly akin to relying on the enemy to fix the problem it has caused.  The media is the problem, not the solution.  For Britain will go out to the streets, to the protests, indeed we are the only party I’ve ever seen with a presence at the current freedom protests.  That’s where the future lies.  To win the favour of the media is to win the favour of the establishment, to be a part of the establishment.  Nowhere in history has the corrupt establishment ever been destroyed by itself, it is destroyed from the outside, by the outliers, by the ones who won’t play the game.

That’s us.

Thank you to each and every For Britain member and supporter for your courage and your integrity.  Your reward is great; it is your strength, your integrity, and ultimately, it will bring you to where you need to be.

Anne Marie Waters


For Britain 

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