Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 21st November 2021

It is always wise to avoid rushes to judgement.  It is always wise to be in full possession of facts before making decisions (or at least as much as possible).  It is always wise to avoid unnecessary worry – life’s realities can be difficult enough without inventing new ones.  But there comes a point when the obvious can no longer be ignored.  We are at that point now.  What has previously been dismissed as crazy conspiracy, and is still dismissed by some, is now evidently true.  We have entered a period of government control and tyranny that none of us have seen before in our lifetimes.

Yesterday I did something I don’t usually do.  I had a long drive from Somerset to Hartlepool and to ease the boredom, I decided to listen to the radio.  It was actually quite enjoyable, except of course for the news bulletins every hour.  These made me shake my head.  It is both unbelievable and undeniable.  Our freedoms have gone.  The only thing to determine is whether or not we will fight to get them back.

The news told of protests in Austria and the Netherlands.  In Vienna, over the weekend, 10,000s of people protested against the almost unbelievable – mandatory vaccination.  How will that work?  Will people literally be held down and injected against their will?  Or will they be imprisoned if they exercise bodily autonomy?  It is staggering, and my guess is that if at the opening of this crisis, people had suggested that compulsory vaccination was on its way, the idea would have been dismissed as tinfoil-hat conspiracy.  But it isn’t.

The left-wing press in the UK portrayed these protests as “far right” and even felt the need to mention that some protestors were apparently carrying Nazi symbols.  The Guardian did this, before going on to say how cases are rising in Austria.  It paints a clear picture – government restriction good, any resistance “far right” or “Nazi”.  It’s difficult to read.

Then there is rioting in the Netherlands.  At least, that’s what the left-wing press is calling it.  Cities in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam and The Hague, have seen protests erupt in to violence over the past couple of days.  The media can’t be trusted so it’s hard to know what really happened, but the Dutch were protesting against another partial lockdown and a ban on the gathering of large numbers.

Protests are also reported to have taken place in Italy and Croatia.

Back to the radio news, straight after this report came another… the World Health Organisation is warning that 500,000 people could die in Europe if greater restrictions are not imposed.  That’s rather convenient.   Just as crowds protest in large numbers, the WHO releases this warning.

There is no longer any denying it.  There’s no longer any excuse for burying our heads in the sand.

Whatever your view on COVID, this is now obvious.  We are now at the absolute control of governments.  Everything has changed.  The goalposts keep moving, we are allowed out, then we’re not.  We are in the position now where we are grateful if we’re able to go to a pub, or a restaurant, or a cinema.  The transition is complete, and it was COVID that did it.  That transition has taken place all over the world, at the same time.  It is global organisations issuing warnings and calling shots.  Billionaire funders of these very organisations are made even richer as governments demand we buy their vaccines.

Britain is heading in a similar direction.  Those who dismiss it as conspiracy are going to have to wake up, to release the fear of the truth and face up to it.

In some ways however, I’m encouraged by this.  The tyrants are over-playing their hand.  They’re making it all too obvious now, and hopefully this will lead to a faster backlash than they might have had if they’d been smarter.

A backlash is coming, and I’ll be a part of it. Will you?

Anne Marie Waters 


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