Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday 9th January 2022

Happy new year!

One of life’s great gifts is the ability to start again.  If we have health, there’s no end to how many times we can start over.  Each new year presents a new opportunity to take stock, to look at things from a new perspective, and it’s very welcome.

2021 was another difficult year for many.  We had Covid restrictions, economic turmoil, chaos in the White House, football disappointment, and a controversial Royal interview.  It’s always fun to look back over a year, so let’s crack on….


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enter the White House.  Donald Trump is blamed for a protest that engulfs Congress.  Despite the fact that Trump had not encouraged violence, and despite the fact that Democrats had encouraged violence in the shape of Black Lives Matter riots, reality was rewritten and facts dismissed.  No change there.  No questions were permitted (in the land of the free) regarding the legitimacy of the Biden “win” either.


The South African variant of Covid brings a new reality: variants.  Variants are now part of our lives, and there’ll be many of them.  It singularly creates the requirement for boosters and second vaccines and third vaccines and fourth and fifth and you get the idea…. a huge money maker for Big Pharma.


March was the month of the controversial interview with Meghan and Harry and Oprah Winfrey.  It seems a lot later than that to me.  Once again, Britain’s reputation was smeared by those who ought to know better, and once again, “racism” was all that seemed to matter in the world.  It gets tiring….  I’m not suggesting it’s not difficult to live in a fishbowl as the Royals do, but it is a bit grating to hear some of the most privileged people on the planet complain about how oppressed they are.


Pub gardens open and people can go to the hairdresser!  Vaccination speeds up and with it, protests against the notion of mandatory vaccination – something still dismissed as conspiracy theory at that stage.  The media facilitates no debate on the matter but smears objections, or mere questions, as the preserve of cranks.  Objective journalism is long dead by now, we expect no better.


The Delta variant arrives as we’re allowed to meet indoors again.  A new normal begins to show its face as theatres require patrons to wear masks throughout performances.  The press continues to disallow debate or discussion.


Matt Hancock is caught in an embrace with an aide.  It’s one of many instances of the government telling us to social distance while not bothering to do so themselves.  The Euro football championships kicked off.


“Racism” once again dominated.  This time in football.  England reached the Euro finals, only to lose on penalties.  Three black England players missed their penalties and days of England-bashing followed.  Never is an opportunity missed to paint this country as some sort of hell for all but white people.  Despite the fact that the much-reported racist abuse received was from outside Britain, and not from white people, the British left-wing media never gives up a chance to distort the truth in favour of the transformation of the UK from a free society to a neo-communist one, and to exploit race to do so.


Afghanistan falls to the Taliban and the neo-communist left-wing Western media begins to treat the monsters of the Taliban as a manifestation of cultural diversity.  We can expect no better from those without morals.  Lives and money had been wasted – the Taliban was back, and yet more entirely incompatible migration was planned for Britain that would lead to the further demise of British culture and generations of cultural conflict (expect more sexual assault as well).


Wayne Couzens, a serving police officer, was found guilty of the rape and murder of Londoner Sarah Everard and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail.  The extraordinary spectacle of the police warning the public to be wary of the police was unprecedented.


Insulate Britain reveal (as if it was needed) unapologetic bias by British police as they fail to effectively prevent another left-wing group breaking the law and causing chaos on major motorways.


Mass illegal immigration to the Kent coast has continued all year and is now at record numbers.  In November, a dinghy carrying illegal immigrants capsized and killed 27.  The left-wing press, and politicians, believe the problem is that illegal immigration is too tough.  At no point do they ever acknowledge that promising a land of milk and honey is actually what brings illegal immigrants here, and it is that promise that is directly responsible for these deaths.


The government once again debated what we may do for Christmas, and with whom.  Meanwhile, the story broke that Downing Street had breached lockdown rules in Christmas 2020 while telling us mere mortals that we weren’t allowed even to visit dying relatives.  It was a scandal certainly, but not nearly as big as it should have been.  Covid restrictions and rules have caused genuine harm and trauma to countless families, and to find out that those who govern us weren’t minded to follow the same rules, should have served as a stark reminder to the British public that we are dictated to from above, and our interests are not paramount to those who make the rules.

So there it is – 2021.  So far, 2022 is marred by much of the same.  Covid dominates and is looking likely to dominate for some time to come.  There is always a silver lining however, and to me, it will be continued and greater recognition of the freedoms and rights we’ve lost.  Only by recognising these losses will we become determined to get our freedoms back.

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain