Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday 5th September 2021

Imagine a scenario.  A 12 or 13 year old child is at school.  School has been rather difficult for the past couple of years.  This child and his or her friends have to wear masks and stay metres apart lest they infect each other with a lethal virus.  The child is consistently and relentlessly told that COVID is a killer.  It could kill their parents, their grandparents, their brothers, sisters and cousins.  Anyone who thinks differently is to be feared every bit as much as the virus.

Now, a solution comes along.  That solution is vaccination.  If we allow ourselves to be injected with a magic potion, all of the above will disappear.  The masks can come off (but they won’t), the virus will no longer be a killer (even though they’ll still be told it will).  All we have to do for now is take the vaccine.  No big deal.

If this child’s parents don’t wish for them to take the vaccine, two things will happen.  One, the child will be led to believe that their parents are selfish, irresponsible, dangerous.  Two, it doesn’t matter, we don’t need mum or dad’s consent.  We can vaccinate you anyway.

This scenario is in the pipeline.  The government is pretending it isn’t, but it is.  The government is doing what governments do – introducing tyranny by the back door, pretending it has no option.  It doesn’t want to take our freedoms away, but its hands are tied.  That’s the illusion.  The reality is that the government has intended to this all along.  What it intends to do now is vaccinate your children whether you like it or not.

NHS England has been told to plan for the mass vaccination of 12 to 15 year old children.  It has been told this even though the government pretends no decision has yet been made.  Cabinet Minister Gavin Williamson has stated that the NHS is “ready and eager” to vaccinate children, but is awaiting approval from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).  The JCVI has hitherto only recommended that children over 12 be vaccinated if they already have serious conditions, or live with an adult who does.

It now looks increasingly like the UK will join Germany, France, Israel, the US and others in vaccinating all children over the age of 12.

Now to the issue of consent.  There are two major points to make.

The first is a point of debate: is consent genuine if it is elicited by coercion?  My answer is a firm no.  If a person is not fully informed, they have not made a real choice and therefore not given true consent.  How can we claim to be an informed population when the media will only allow one narrative to be spoken about vaccines and vaccination?  We can’t.  We’re not.  Consent is coerced.

The second point is this: NHS England plans to over-ride parents’ objections by allowing the child themselves to consent.  This is a new low.  You won’t read about it on the BBC, but it appears on official documents for all to see.

In its paper ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – Vaccinating children and young people: frequently asked questions‘, the NHS fully acknowledges that it won’t require parents’ consent.

It says:

Prior to vaccination, appropriate consent must be obtained in all cases. For 12-15 year olds, this would be parental consent or the child’s own consent where they have been assessed as competent to consent to vaccination (this is known as Gillick competent).

Look carefully at the language used.  The first line absolutely positively reassures us that consent will be required “in all cases”.  But not necessarily parental consent, as the remaining lines make clear.

A child can consent for themselves.  A 12 year old, who has been brainwashed to believe COVID will kill those they love, is able to allow a new and potentially dangerous substance to be injected in to their bodies.  Their parents need know nothing about it.

Just when you think the government’s power grab on the back of COVID can’t get any darker, it does.  The state is seizing the authority of parents and keeping it for themselves.  It is placing a rift between parent and child.  It is also placing significant decisions on to shoulders too young to bear them.

We are witnessing a total and complete transformation.  The state owns your children, not you. The state will decide their medication, not you.  The state will tell your child to distrust you if you don’t comply.

The descent in to totalitarianism continues.  The descent in to what is inevitably coming unless we seize back control and restore our freedoms.  I saw a t-shirt recently that summed it up perfectly.  “The final variant will be communism”.  Perfectly put.  That’s where we’re going unless we actively change direction.

Perhaps the seizure of the nation’s children will be the last straw.  Let’s hope so.

Anne Marie Waters 


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