Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 7th November 2021

Try as I might, I cannot figure out how socialism connects to climate, but apparently it does, at least that was a prevailing message in Glasgow on Friday.  Members of For Britain gathered at George Square on the 5th of November, right in the middle of the two week gathering of world leaders hoping to tackle climate change. That most of them flew in on private jets, or arrived in motorcades comprising dozens of gas guzzlers, seems lost on most of the activists that came together on the square.  ‘Do as we say and not as we do’ is the message from leaders.  It was ever thus, as they say.

Let me describe how the day went.

We arrived around 7 am.  Our meeting place was a bridge over-looking the M8 motorway in to Glasgow.  This was a perfect vantage point.  Eight motorway lanes, going towards the city, could clearly see the banner we unveiled over the bridge.  It read: CLIMATE ALARMISM IS FAKE SCIENCE.

The effect was immediate.  I was genuinely stunned by the level of support.  Straight away, people in cars, vans, and lorries began beeping and waving in support.  This didn’t lessen or waver for the hour we were there.  We would have been there a lot longer, but as night follows day, the police decided to put a stop to it.  I’ve known for a while we live in a police state, but it doesn’t worry me any less each time I’m confronted with it.  The relationship between police and citizen has entirely changed.  No longer are we the holders of authority being policed by consent, police officers are visibly arrogant as they describe to us what they’ll allow us to do.  We also know that the police take sides, and they are not on ours, so despite all the lenience for Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion, we were shut down for causing an interference to traffic.  It’s only to be expected.

So we took ourselves off to George Square in the very centre of Glasgow. We got there early but knew that Greta Thunberg, the apparent expert on all things both scientific and political, was at the early stages of a march that would eventually end on the square.  We found a spot right in the centre and directly facing the stage from where Thunberg would later deliver her speech.

It was quiet when we arrived but people began to arrive in dribs and drabs.  Who else was there?  Various Christian groups, the Socialist Worker’s Party (who seem to be everywhere), and of course a pro-Palestinian group (who also seem to be everywhere).

The hard-left aspect of this issue was plain for all to see.  It would get plainer when Greta spoke later on. This isn’t about climate, it certainly isn’t about science, it is yet another issue hijacked by the extreme left to re-organise society along socialist/communist lines.  Communism is everywhere, all the time, and this is no different.

We unfurled our banner.  We immediately became the centre of attention and would remain so until it became simply too unsafe for us to remain.  We were photographed and filmed by nigh-on everyone present.  It was incredible, and it felt great.  It felt like a real achievement.

A group of what I can only call ‘lefties’ had sat down for a picnic close by.  Having grown tired of our free speech, they decided to unfurl their own banner to block the view of ours.  To my great surprise, a police officer took issue with this and following some discussion, ordered the lefties to move aside and allow our banner to be seen.  They did.  But they were not happy.  I overheard one of them say that she didn’t want her children seeing our banner.  This is remarkable to me because I have no doubt that she will happily allow her children to be frightened in to believing that the world is about to end.  We really are living in an upside-down world.

One man, who was holding a sign that was incoherent, began shouting at the top of his lungs about how we are ignoring the deaths of those who die during extreme weather events.  He honestly thought (it seemed) that we are denying the existence of weather.  There is no reasoning with this.  We are not denying extreme weather, it is a reality, and death and tragedy caused by extreme weather, are also a reality.  But it has always been a reality.  It is only now that human beings, particularly those in Western countries, who are being asked to take the blame.  It’s absurd.

We stayed on the square for a good couple of hours, and while we got abuse, we also got a lot of support.  Then we were told over the tannoy that St Greta was on her way.  Then everything changed.  Out of nowhere, 1,000s of people arrived at once, and we found ourselves surrounded.  The sheer anger and hatred is frightening to behold.  We knew we were no longer safe.  One particular man relentlessly tried to draw us in to hostile debate, but when you’ve done this a few times, you learn who to engage with and who not.  Some people genuinely want to discuss, some want to abuse, others want to distract so that you let your guard down and no longer have your wits about you in a highly unsafe environment.  I told this man to move on as I was on to his attempt to reduce our safety.  He told me “whatever I can do to make you unsafe, I will do”.

The crowds got larger, the circle around us got bigger, the police were nowhere to be seen.  The hostility was palpable and the energy told us what we needed to know: it was time to leave.  We left.

Afterwards, we excitedly reflected on the impact we’d had.  We absolutely stole the show. There wasn’t a pair of eyes on that square that wasn’t on us.  Everyone there knew we were there, and they knew what we had to say.  It was a triumph for us and I’m very proud of everyone who came along.

We didn’t get to see Greta Thunberg’s speech, but apparently she blamed climate change on colonialism.  How very scientific!  It’s not of course, because science has no place here, this was a far-left protest.  That’s why we must oppose it, and why I’m proud we did.

Tomorrow evening, on Rumble at 8 pm, I’ll show you some videos of the day.  Make sure to tune in.  (My Monday night livestream will resume as normal on the 14th of November when our two-week YouTube ban is lifted).

Anne Marie Waters 


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