Anne Marie Waters

Monday 14th June 2021

When I was a young child, my mother would collect me from primary school every afternoon.  The routine was: home from school, sandwich, and Emmerdale Farm.  In those days that was the name of the soap opera known today as Emmerdale, and it was scheduled for 3 pm every weekday.  My point in telling you this?  That was a picture I’d built up, from an early age, of the stunning English county of Yorkshire, where Emmerdale is set.  That’s the image of Yorkshire – beautiful countryside, farm life, rural life, village life.  It’s quintessentially English.  Or it used to be.

Nowadays Yorkshire has a rather different side to it.  It’s reputation has somewhat changed.  Thanks to decades of mass immigration, Yorkshire is no longer quintessentially English.  Those who opened England’s borders to the masses asked no questions about the impact it would have on England.  The politicians didn’t wonder “will this work?”.  They didn’t wonder “is it wise to place 100,000s of people from rural Pakistan or Bangladesh in to the English villages, towns, and cities of Yorkshire?”.  The politicians didn’t ask these questions because they didn’t care.  Left-wing politicians believed the English deserved any damage to their society and culture that was coming, right-wing politicians were too scared of the media to contradict them.  It remains the case today.

The Batley and Spen by-election, coming up on July 1st, has caused me to reflect on Yorkshire, and the rapid Islamisation of this beautiful county.  Batley is a Yorkshire town with a population of about 80,000 people.  It is situated not a million miles to the south of Leeds, one of Yorkshire’s most vibrant cities.  Its population is around 20% Muslim.

It comes under the governance of Kirklees Council.  This council is also responsible for Dewsbury, the subject of a terrifying book The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury, by Danny Lockwood.  (If you want to know how Islam is transforming Britain, this book is a good place to start).  All that Lockwood describes in Dewsbury is equally applicable to Batley, something he makes clear in his book.

There is one area in Dewsbury of specific note; Savile Town.  This may be the clearest example of the takeover of England by Islam so far; a detailed description of how it is done.  The area was described by the Daily Mail in 2016 as “having almost no white people” left.  It begins:

From the window of her flat overlooking the canal path in a suburb of Dewsbury in Yorkshire, a blonde woman watches two female figures walking past as they chatter in a foreign tongue.

Both the passers-by are covered in black Islamic gowns, only a glimpse of their eyes show from the 2 in gap in the veils across their faces.

They, like many Muslim women who live here, speak little or no English. Lots of them will have no contact with any person from another religion or culture. Many, I imagine, have been brought to the UK to wed the British men of south Asian heritage who have made this area their home.

The article therefore immediately alludes to one of the causes of what can only be described as a takeover: immigration via marriage.  Some years ago, I spoke with a young Muslim woman forced in to marriage with a Pakistani man, solely so he could move to the UK.  This, she told me, is widespread practice among Muslims in Britain.

The article, by Sue Reid, continues:

We are in Savile Town, one of the most racially homogeneous parts of Britain: not because everyone is an indigenous Yorkshire man or woman, but exactly the opposite.

In fact there are almost no white residents to be found in Savile Town. Astonishingly, a detailed breakdown of the last census of 2011 recorded that only 48 of the 4,033 people living here were white British.

Having described how the town changed via mass immigration, Sue Reid states:

Soon the new arrivals had built the mosque which is designed to accommodate 4,000 worshippers. Today, a Sharia court nearby — criticised in a House of Lords report for discriminating against women in divorce and matrimonial disputes — does brisk business espousing the strict Islamic justice code.

Even the lady selling ice creams from a van during the summer wears a burka, and the mobile butcher going round the streets offers only halal goat, lamb and ostrich.

Stand in Savile Town, as I have, and you will see scores of boys in Islamic robes walking to and from lessons at the mosque’s madrasah school, where for hours at a time they rote-learn the Koran by heart.

And, distressingly, every girl I saw — even those of six and seven playing in the park — was wrapped up in a hijab and shoulder-to-toe-gown lest a man glimpse her flesh.

Eight of the nine pubs in the area have shut because there are hardly any local customers who drink alcohol. The hair salon, once giving stern perms to Yorkshire ladies, closed down long ago, the Western grocery and clothes shops, too.

How did it happen exactly?  How did the new Muslim community take Savile Town?  This is described in detail by Danny Lockwood.  It was achieved through a combination of criminal harassment coupled with police and politician complicity.  The following is taken from The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury. Read it carefully.

Other recreational areas existed around Savile Town and still do, but none quite so spacious as the fields which housed the town’s main cricket team, the Dewsbury and Savile Ladies Hockey Club, the bowling club, and a marvelous natural amphitheatre on an adjoining piece of land which staged all of the town and the district’s major amateur Rugby League competitions.

By the mid 1980s however the cricketers had gone. Their pavilion and stands had been burned down around them, literally; the cricketers who remained soon got tired of running the daily gauntlet of hostile youths.

Women fared no better. Abuse of the hockey ladies, both verbal and physical, saw them desert their long-standing home.

In September 1993 the ladies hockey team were moved to ask for police protection at their games. Ironically, their call came after a game in which they were playing a police ladies’ team. Apart from the verbal abuse from gangs of Asian youths, bricks and stones were thrown at them, and there was even vandalism while the game was in play, with their nets sliced open with knives.

And what do you think happened? Arrests? Young people taken to their parents and cautioned? The hockey ladies played on and lived happily ever after?

Of course not, the police tacitly wanted them – and their provocatively enduring presence – out of that place. So eventually they went and as they moved out, the young people of Savile Town moved in.

During those years throughout the 1980s and early 1990s I played in numerous pre and post-season rugby tournaments, district finals and representative games on the Savile Town field. What started as mischief – I’m being generous – soon became criminal malice and one of the first occasions upon which the police showed their true colours and flew the white flag of the shape of things to come.

Occasional acts of vandalism soon became the norm. Before every game the teams, players, supporters, and officials had to comb the pitch, inch by inch, to uncover and try to remove the shards of glass and bottles, pieces of metal even, embedded deep in the ground, their intention so transparently being to cause maximum physical damage to anyone unwise enough to attempt to play rugby there.

In May 1992 one player, Dean Booth, required 17 stitches in a massive gash down his left suffered while playing a charity Rugby League match. Notably, even before kick off in that game, five bags or containers of glass had been collected from the field by players and fans.

At the time of Dean Booth’s injury a spokesman for the managing Heavy Woollen League, which ran local rugby, spoke defiantly about not giving in to the vandals. Indeed the rugby league community persevered with the resistance for several more years, putting the occasional cost of gashed legs and arms and torsos down to defiant experience. But the problems worsened, rather than subsided.

People would return to their cars to find wing mirrors smashed, paintwork scratched and all the while a police force simply not interested in such acts of petty vandalism.

There were other rugby fields elsewhere not so provocatively within such an overwhelmingly Muslim enclave. Go use them, was the unspoken but heavily hinted response from council and coppers alike.

Savile Town’s playing fields for many years now have belonged to the locals. Quite literally.

Indeed the story of how the Muslims of Savile Town came to physically own the playing fields is salutary in itself, a symbol of the amateurish early attempts by mainstream political parties to play the race card.

On this occasion it was the Conservatives, as so often in Dewsbury awakening rather late to the possibilities of the mass manipulated Muslim vote.

The Savile Town playing fields were held in local trust for the good of the townsfolk by the trustees of the eponymous Savile Estate and when one of the said trustees passed away, the two remaining – both Tory grandees as it transpired – decided that a piece of political opportunism was marvelously to hand.

Rather than keeping the gift of this recreational jewel in crusty old trustees’ car, what if they magnanimously handed it over, lock, stock and barrel to ‘the community’? And ‘the community’ in this instance was right on the doorstep – the Muslim community.

In an effort to package touchy-feely new Conservatism with rank political opportunism the remaining trustees decided it was a good idea to bequest the sports fields to the people of Savile Town.

The obvious problem was that there was no actual separate governance of the Muslim community per se, no central authority to pose for a publicity photograph gratefully receiving this magnanimous gift.

And so, with the Markazi mosque being the largest single institution of note in the area – at least physically – and despite its own management being as outwardly silent about what went on behind their imposing walls as a monastery full of Trappist monks, the Tories granted the Markazi mosque a 999-year lease on the land for the token sum of £1.

And there you have it.  The ‘Muslim community’ decides it has no desire to live with the kuffar and begins a campaign of criminal harassment against them.  The police, both lazy and too scared to be called racists by a Labour Party desperate to destroy British culture, do nothing to stop it.  The politicians, caring for nothing but the voting block available when the imams tell the locals how to cast their ballot, comply.  An area is lost.  That’s how it’s done.

Now Savile Town is a Muslim enclave governed by sharia law.  It is one of many.

There are other ways in which the ‘Muslim community’ has taken over this area of Yorkshire – at the ballot box.  This is facilitated gleefully by the Labour Party.  In areas of high Muslim population, Labour seems incapable of putting forward candidates that aren’t Muslim.  It’s all part of their “inclusion” and “diversity” strategy.  Except it’s not inclusive or diverse, it’s Islamic, and the elected Muslims use their positions of power to further impose Islam upon local people whether they like it or not.  So much for “inclusion”.  One example is the imposition of halal throughout the Kirklees Council area.

In 2019, the story broke.  Non-stun halal meat was being served in Kirklees schools.  It mattered not whether the pupils were Muslim, halal is what they were getting and they could like it or lump it.

A lot of local people didn’t like it, and more than 7,000 signed a petition to end this imposition of animal cruelty.  Shabir Pandor, the Labour leader of the council, dismissed anyone and everyone who expressed concern for animal welfare, and proving he’d adapted well to Labour’s threatening tactics, he replied:

“This debate has been generated deliberately on the back of creating divisions, hatred and putting communities against one another.

“We cannot afford this council chamber to be fooled into a situation where we create a scenario that we cannot control.”

What does he mean by that?  A scenario we cannot control?  If we don’t have halal, there’ll be violence?  Quite possibly.  Quite probably even.

But the ever-present implication of racism wasn’t far away either.  “Hatred”, “putting communities against each other”.  These are all Labour buzzwords.  They mean nothing but they’re thrown about to silence debate and ensure Islamic dominance.  Pandor refused to discuss it any further.

This is sharia.  Anyone who knows sharia knows that this is sharia.  It is also common.  Kirklees is not the only place where people have protested against the imposition of halal meat.  On each and every occasion that people do protest, they are dismissed.  This is sharia.

For those who don’t know England well, I must point out at this time that Yorkshire is also home to the town of Rotherham.  Most people have heard of Rotherham, but not for pleasant reasons.

In 2014, Britain was finally awoken to perhaps the greatest scandal of the modern era.  It was finally awoken to the reality of what it had to its own people, most especially its own young girls.  A report in to child sexual exploitation (CSE), or ‘gang rape of children’ as it ought to be known, revealed that more than 1,400 girls, in Rotherham alone, had been raped and forced in to prostitution by gangs of Muslim men over a 15 year period.

The whole thing was done quite openly, with Labour politicians turning a blind eye, and the police doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  It’s one thing to turn a blind eye to crime, quite another to allow young girls to be tortured and raped, but that is what happened.  How any of them sleep at night is a genuine mystery to anyone with a conscience.  But sleep they do.

Rotherham tops a long list.  The same has happened in Rochdale, Leeds, Newcastle, Bradford, Oxford, Birmingham, Telford, London…. on and on and on it goes.  Still.  Today.  With the same impunity.

Politicians in Westminster pretend to be shocked.  They pretend to be appalled.  They commission report after report.  These reports are remarkable in that they refuse to ask the very question that needs to be asked: why are Muslim men doing this to non-Muslim girls (mostly white but also Sikh)?  Instead, the investigations were deliberate distortions and lies.  Ethnicity rather than religion was examined and naturally enough, each investigation concludes that ethnicity has no bearing on the issue.  The religion of the men is never questioned or discussed.  Islam is actively protected, even when the crimes of Muslims are looked in to.  The priority is always Islam.

This too is sharia, this time in the halls of national power in London.

To accompany the slew of racist rapes on white English girls in towns across the country are violent attacks on whites generally – something not unheard of in the town of Batley.

Marc White was attacked in front of his wife and children in February 2020 by a group of “Asians”. (“Asians” is the term used by the press to avoid using “Muslim”.  It is a dangerous smear of Hindus and Sikhs but it is used anyway to avoid offending Islam).  They called him a “white bastard” while beating him with metal bars.

This incident is one of many.  Read Danny Lockwood for more.

Last but not least, Batley was in the news recently when a school teacher was forced in to hiding for using a cartoon of Mohammed in a lesson.  We know what can happen to people who make that mistake.  In France a teacher was beheaded for the same reason.  It’s dangerous territory.  It’s also sharia.

The teacher was suspended, went in to police protection, and the school issued a grovelling apology to the Muslim mob that quickly assembled.  The latest news is that he is technically allowed to return to teaching, but never will, because he’ll never be safe.  For its part, the school has now changed its curriculum to ensure Muslims are never again offended by it.

This is sharia.

Sharia is the law that governs Islamic life.  It disallows any sleight against the religion or its prophet.  It calls for the subjugation of all non-Muslims to live as inferiors under Muslim rule.  It demands unstunned slaughter of animals.  It sees women as objects to be used for entertainment or breeding and requires female obedience.  It applies the death penalty for criticism or objection.  In England, and across Europe, we live in de facto sharia states.  It’s an unspoken reality; unspoken because to speak it is to risk smear and slander.  The poisonous press has facilitated all of this by a means of both cover-up and mischaracterisation. No doubt it will continue to.

Writing the above made me feel genuine sorrow.  Not only the sheer injustice of it, but the near-loss of such a beautiful English place.  It has gone the way of so many formerly beautiful areas of Europe.  It has become the Islamic Republic of Yorkshire, and unless we fight back, it will one day be a county in the Islamic Republic of England.

Anne Marie Waters 


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