Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 27th June 2021

Yesterday we had the most fantastic day in Batley and Spen!  I deeply appreciate everyone who came along (we have a party of the most magnificent people and I feel grateful for it every day).  We are a party of principles and morals, and for that reason, we face obstacles and enemies that are influential and powerful; none moreso than the toxic media.  The media yesterday gave yet more examples of why I label it the way I do.

The day started with an interview with a team producing a documentary for Channel 4.  The programme, I was told, was focussed on the British Empire.  I knew from much raw experience however, that few questions would be based on it.  They didn’t disappoint.  It was yet another attempt to portray me as either a monster or a fool or both.  I’m prepared for it.

The conversation started with the usual loaded questions: “how did you end up going from Labour to leading a right wing party?”  I answered as I always do.  I realised that Labour was morally bankrupt and would have no more to do with it.  A similar question was asked a second time.  What he wanted to get at was how could an Irish woman love Britain so much.  Because it’s my home, was my answer.  So I was asked again.  It’s tiresome.  It’s also nothing short of encouragement to find something to dislike about this great nation.  I reiterated.  This is my home and I will give all I’ve got to defend it.

Smears of “racist” are never far away when you speak to the mainstream media, and again, they didn’t disappoint.  This spectacularly arrogant journalist felt completely justified in telling me who I really am.  He knows best!  He told me that I was merely discussing Islam to disguise my real agenda – hatred of “brown people” (his words).  Despite there never having been any evidence of this defamatory slur, he knows best.

Having told me had researched my work, I asked him for examples of my derogatory comments about “brown people”.  He answered with a quote from Nigel Farage!  I asked him again.  No answer.  As a side note, isn’t it amazing that when ‘journalists’ seek to attack me, they suddenly find Nigel Farage a beacon of truth and integrity?  I’ve no doubt they otherwise loathe him, but when it suits, his words are gospel.

One of the more amusing moments was when he asked me about ex-BNP members in the party.  I told him that we do not ban ex-BNP members, just like every other party (except UKIP).  To clear things up, I suggested to him that he would not ask Kim Leadbeater about ex-BNP Labour members, and he insisted that he would.  I laughed out loud!

At the end of this tedious affair, this journalist (who told me he was a Sikh) asked me “why do you hate me?”  How utterly pathetic this is.  I informed him that ironically it is he who hates me, it is he who is filled with prejudice towards me, and that his behaviour was both unprofessional and frankly appalling.

This interview will not appear on Channel 4.  How do I know this?  Because I made sure to make my own copy.  They knew this.  Therefore, my contribution will be dropped because it can’t be edited as they’d like without me being able to reveal their deception.  This is similar to an interview in Halifax when a BBC documentary-maker did similar (he even spilled water on me, an attempt to make me angry I suspect), but upon knowing I had filmed it myself, it was never broadcast.

The Daily Mail also shamed itself yesterday in its report on the goings on in Batley.

The opening was this:

Hundreds of anti-racism protesters have marched through Batley as a rally was held to support a anti-Muslim For Britain candidate the the by-election.

Already the scene is set.  The thugs in the streets were “anti racist” whereas we are “anti Muslim”.  The reader is told instantly who is the bad guy here.

The next line describes me personally as “anti Muslim” and no, I’m given no opportunity or ability to clear that one up.  Nobody contacted me before writing about me.  They never do.

It goes on:

For Britain, which was denounced by Nigel Farage as ‘fascist’ and is made up of former British National Party (BNP) members, was expected to stage an anti-Muslim demonstration today, but its numbers dwindled compared to 400 anti-racism protesters.

Ah that Farage quote, that really worked a treat for Nigel.  What incredible damage it has caused.

“Made up” of former BNP?  Not really, it’s made up of people from all walks of life, and all political histories.  I was Labour, many of us were Tory, some were Lib Dem, some were even Greens.  The Daily Mail didn’t feel any need to mention this.

The next couple of paragraphs describe how police had to make arrests but it didn’t say who was arrested.  It does make clear that pro Britain people are the problem through its photos though, even looking down its nose at a guy for having an “England” tattoo.  What’s wrong with an England tattoo exactly?

The article includes quotes from “anti racist” campaigners and nothing at all from us.  No defence.  No right of reply.  No reporting of the fact that we were peacefully campaigning elsewhere.  The Mail also felt no need to comment on the fact that we cannot hold a rally in Batley because it’s not safe… it’s not safe for us.

This propaganda is a genuine disgrace.  The media has sold out Britain so much that it is almost indescribable.

It must really rile the Daily Mail that the vast majority of the comments posted beneath describe these left-wing protestors as the thugs that they are, and supportive comments for us received large numbers of thumbs up.

To remind us that it isn’t just the legacy old school media that is so corrupt, social media is also playing disgusting games.  Our campaign video for Batley and Spen did really well viewer-wise on the day of its release.  It was going up by the 1,000 rapidly.  The following morning I saw that it was on just over 29,000 views.  I knew this wasn’t accurate given the speed it has risen the day before.

After the rally in Batley, it dropped to 26,000 views.

It makes you wonder, what are they so scared of?  Why try to make us look unpopular?

Believe it or not, I take encouragement from this awful behaviour.  Liars fear the truth.  They fear us.  That is clear.  That means one thing, we are getting through, despite their best efforts.  Of that, I am genuinely proud.

Anne Marie Waters 


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