Anne Marie Waters

Sunday June 6th 2021

I announced this week that I’m standing in the Parliamentary by-election in the Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen.  Let me explain why.

According to the Times, Batley and Spen is one of the top 15 constituencies where Muslim voters are “most influential”.  The sharia-advocating Muslim Council of Britain believes around 8,000 Muslims will vote.  This is good news for one of the candidates George Galloway, whose history of sucking up to Muslims is well known.  His presence will mean that Labour cannot be guaranteed the Muslim vote, something it will be less able to rely on in the future when Islamic parties promising sharia begin to form and win.

The Muslim population of the constituency is around 20% and it shows.  The town of Batley hit international headlines recently in a show of just the kind of muscle we can expect in a town with a large Muslim population, and it is this that prompted me to stand.

A teacher in a grammar school made the mistake of using an image of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a school lesson.  That teacher is still in hiding and is unlikely to ever be free again.  In France, not long ago, a teacher did the same thing – he was beheaded.  Upsetting the Muslim community is dangerous.  The teaching authority bods have now decided to allow the teacher to return to the classroom because they’ve decided he didn’t intend to cause offence.  Teachers are not allowed to cause offence.  But is that true?  I wonder what would happen if someone (who wasn’t a Muslim) reported being offended by the notion of several genders?

The teacher may have been let off the hook by authorities, but the school has changed its own curriculum to appease the Muslim mobs.  This is not the last time that will happen.

We know this isn’t about causing offence per se, it’s about causing offence to Muslims.  This is forbidden.  Because it is dangerous.  People get killed when Muslims are offended.  Batley is a centre of Islamic bullying and supremacism.  That’s what I want to bring to the table in this election.

It looks so far to be a long candidate list.  Reform UK, Reclaim, and other new parties are due to put up candidates.  One of the reasons I’m standing is to make sure people know that these apparent “anti-woke” parties will not speak out and tell the truth about Islamic supremacism in the UK.  They are opportunistically riding the wave of the anti-woke backlash.  If a party won’t take on Islam, and its intimidation and bullying, its misogyny and antisemitism, its sheer contempt for non-Muslims and the impact this is having (and will have) in British society, that party is not the party this country needs.  I intend to show this.  That’s the point 0f standing.  I am not doing it to try to win, or to create notoriety, I’m doing it to make sure that someone on the ballot paper is willing to tell the truth about the battering of the non-Muslims of Batley.

The bullying and intimidation of non-Muslims – mostly white – across Yorkshire and throughout Britain is so utterly toxic.  If it were happening to anyone besides white people, it would be an international scandal.  It has been going on for decades as Muslim immigrants congregated and wanted to make areas their own.  I’ve heard countless accounts of white people being driven out.  Added to this is the violence and crime they suffer, none of which gets the media coverage it should and is rarely, if ever, described as what it is: racist hatred of whites.

It’s long past the time this was called out and called out properly.  It’s long past the time that the mainstream politicians were held to account on this.  It’s long past the time that “anti woke” or “pro free speech” parties were called upon to prove that’s what they are.

If you can help us with this, please do.  We will particularly need strong security as we intend to campaign in the area on Saturday June 26th, when we’ll be joined by Tommy Robinson.  Please join us.

We can not afford to sit down quietly as our corrupt politicians lie in bed with Islam.  They’ve done it for decades and the British people have been thrown to the wolves.  Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, it doesn’t matter, when it comes to Islamic bullying, they are all singing from the same sheet.  The Tories are currently overseeing daily mass illegal migration, the vast majority of it Muslim.  We need to talk about this, we need to understand it, we need to stop it, and we need to expose the politics that facilitates it.

That’s what we’re doing in Batley.  Please help us in any way you can.  Visit our page and tell everyone you can think of.  Join me on my livestream on Monday evening at 7.30 for a detailed look at the constituency.

Thank you.

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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