As part of the pact, the government says Britons under the age of 35 will be able to travel and work in Australia more freely.”

In summary, there is news, and it goes back and forward and up and down.  Trade deals signed, unemployment down, slight economic growth, but yet another delay in reopening our economy.  This is what the papers are focused on this morning.  Headlines include: “Will We Ever Be Free?” (The Sun), “Freedom Put On Ice” (Metro), “‘Time to Ease Off the Accelerator’ – Johnson delays the end of lockdown” (The Guardian), “It’s Definitely July 19th – Unless it’s not” (The Telegraph), “PM: Curbs could go on and on” (Daily Mail), “Boris: Let’s Be Sensible… Delay will save lives” (The Express), “Vax to the Future” (The Mirror), “We must learn to live with Covid, warns PM” (The Times), and “Business has hopes dashed as lockdown’s end delayed” (The Economist).

The last one is the most crucial.  Hopes are dashed again, we are still uncertain, in many ways nothing has changed.