For Britain Law & Order Spokesman, Committee member and ex Deputy Chief Constable Mike Speakman reacts to the Tommy Robinson Documentary “Rape of Britain”

Tommy Robinson’s documentary about Telford shows that the criminal Justice system in this country has sunk to unheard of depths of ineffectiveness, subversion and incompetence, if not wilful neglect.  It is hard not to come away in despair of yet more examples of police forces failing to address one of the most enduring and apparently intractable problems of our times: The abuse of young, predominately white girls by men of predominately Pakistani origin across the whole country.

Traditionally, when a problem on this scale is identified, steps are taken to address it and fix it. Its now nearly 20 years since this abuse first came to public light in Rotherham, and it seems despite some limited activity the situation has not changed and apparently continues unabated across our cities in the United Kingdom.

I imagine that in West Mercia Police, in reaction to this documentary there is consternation and hurried meetings of senior officers and maybe involvement with the Home Office.  This documentary is politically damaging for everyone involved, the Police, the muslim community and local politicians.

The police come out especially badly.  The most damning expose is at the end when the evidence that Tommy has collected is refused by the local police. How can a police officer refuse to accept evidence of crimes of the most serious nature, ranging from rape of children to allegations of corruption within the service?   At best it is neglect of duty at worse, it could amount to ‘malfeasance in public office’.   One thing is certain, it cannot be left to West Mercia police to investigate these allegations.  In other police areas, local forces have not been trusted to investigate such matters and the National Crime Agency has been called in.

For years the police have shied away from dealing with crime committed by different racial groups.  In some part this is the fault of the McPherson report which invented “institutional Racism” and frightened the police for fear of being labelled racist.  The police have been rendered impotent in lip service to “cultural cohesion”.  Fear of provoking a violent backlash now supersedes any commitment to impartial enforcement of the law.  The treatment of Black Lives Matter protests was another example. The concept of “Without Fear or Favour” has been abandoned in favour of appeasement.  It is the road to increased conflict where some groups are seen as being treated more favourably because of their religion or ethnic origins.

There is a lesson for both government and the police.  The police must re-establish their independence and keep politicians at arm’s length. This used to be the job of police chiefs, but it has been abandoned. The police also need to maintain professional relations with different community groups and recognise that whilst they need to talk to them they also need to be prepared to enforce the law when necessary.  This used to be the standard definition of the job of the police.  Not any more, it seems to be “don’t provoke any minority group at any cost”.

Tommy’s documentary is I hope the first in a series and I hope he goes around the country embarrassing the hell out of police forces that have failed to address the grooming gang issues.  There is a long list.   It says something about the state of our country when a citizen journalist has to do the job to expose what our institutions and our so-called professional media have covered up.   The ostriches need to take their heads out of the sand and deal with what is obvious to everyone else.

Mike Speakman

Retired Deputy Chief Constable

Party Law and Order Spokesman

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