Tommy Robinson has joined the For Britain Movement political party.  

Robinson, who is currently touring the country showcasing his series of documentaries around grooming gangs, joined the party after its leader Anne Marie Waters, a former UKIP leadership candidate, spoke at his recent event in Telford. 

He made his announcement via GETTR and said that people must become political if they are to reclaim their power, and that he “would not rest” until Waters is elected to Parliament. 

For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters said “We are delighted Tommy Robinson has decided to join our party.  He is a brave and consistent voice in our movement for truth and justice, and he is very welcome at For Britain.”

Robinson’s documentary series, The Rape of Britain, has revealed widespread corruption, cover up and police complicity in the grooming gang scandals that have emerged in recent years.  For Britain has pledged to prosecute, jail or deport those involved in grooming gangs.